Registration and Race Entry

The 2020 Season has concluded, we look forward  to seeing you again in 2021! 


  • Membership + Season Race Entry: TBA + booking fees 
  • Membership Only: TBA + booking fees
  • Single Race Entry: TBA + booking fees
  • Nominated Time Events (Season): TBA + booking fees
  • Life Membership and Social Membership options also available.

Season Registration

To race in the PCCCT, you need to have registered for the season. Options are listed above. If registering for the Single Race Entry option, you still need to enter the race you are competing in as well as registering. 

Registrations will be back in 2021!

Race Entry

  • If you registered with the “Membership + Season Race Entry” option, you will automatically be entered into every race. 
  • If you registered with the “Membership Only” or “Single Race” option, you need to enter each race you wish to participate in. Race entries close each week on Friday at 9pm.

We also thank these people for their support of the PCCCT:

Garney McFarling

Malcom Nutting

Jason Scott

Nick Young

Richard Lawson

Paul Birch