This week’s race is a mix of off road, mountain bike trail, gravel road and asphalt. The course includes a significant hill early on to challenge competitors’ legs in the short 5.3 km distance.

Runners meet at Dial Regional Sports Complex carpark. Start on main driveway footpath, head south along the driveway and turn right onto footpath that follows Sports Complex Road. Cross the driveway of Athletics Track onto the grassy area. Follow fence line to the dog exercise park and cross Sports Complex Road at the marshalled crossing. Follow Sports Complex Rd on left hand side to where runners enter the mountain bike track immediately prior to the intersection.

The course then follows the track for approximately 1.5 km. While on the track, cross over the Mountain Bike Club carpark driveway. Continue along the bike track following markings to the Montgomery Road carpark. Turn right and follow Montgomery Road on the right-hand side until it ends at Ironcliffe Road. Turn right onto Ironcliffe Road and staying on the right-hand side follow this road back Sports Complex Road. Turn right onto Sports Complex Road and cross back over to the left-hand side at the marshal point. Backtrack along the grass area, through the Athletics Track carpark to the Dial Sports Complex driveway. Cross the driveway following the path. Where the path ends adjacent to the Golf Clubhouse continue on the road on the left-hand side down to the intersection with Dial Road. Turn left onto Dial Road and follow this road on the left-hand side back to Recreation Drive. Turn left into and stay on the left of Recreation Drive. Follow this road and finish in front of the Dial Park Community Pavilion.

Safety warnings:
This course takes in 1.5 km of technical uphill track. Runners should make their own decisions as to whether this race is suitable for their ability in the those conditions.
Beware of mountain bikers. Do not turn around and go against the flow on the MTB Track. On narrow sections of the track be courteous and allow faster runners to pass by stepping to the left of the track.
Trail running shoes strongly recommended; at a minimum take shoes to get muddy in as the course will be wet and muddy in sections.
Recommend runners do not use sunglasses as there are exposed roots and rocks on the track.
This course crosses three carparks (Dial Park, Athletics Track, Montgomery Road carparks) and the mountain bike club driveway. Runners should take due care at all times.

The COVID-19 situation is escalating and changing quickly. Please visit for the latest updates and restrictions, especially if you have travelled recently or been in the Launceston area. Do not attend the race if you have any cold or flu symptoms.


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