Somerset: The Raymond Spinks/Coastal Running Club 12km

Race seventeen of the season takes members to Somerset for the Raymond Spinks/CRC twelve kilometre handicap.

The event starts and finishes at the Somerset soccer ground and commences with a four kilometre climb up the Murchison Highway to Village Lane, then continues on country roads until the final stretch along Cardigan Street.

The toughness and distance suits backmarkers and they win this race more often than not. One who is in great form and very close to a win is Ewen Troughton.

Troughton’s most recent start was last week when he was fifth over five kilometres and this followed a top effort in the Ironman (25 kilometres). He has had other recent top ten finishes in recent weeks, including a sixth at Burnie over a similar course. He is sure to prove the hardest to beat.

Simon Gates, Vicky Knapman and Lyn Saint-John are all top chances with Gates especially being well overdue for a victory.

Anna Murton was second behind her father, David, last week and will be very keen to go one better and record a victory before her upcoming trip to Europe.

If a frontmarker was to provide a surprise, it could come from Dale Lancaster who will lead for a long way and prove very hard to catch.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be held at 9:15