Spreyton: The Spreyton Cider Company 6km


One of the most popular events of the season takes place this week with the running of the Spreyton Cider Company handicap, this year extended to six kilometres. The race starts at the cidery and takes competitors on an out and back course through apple and cherry orchards.

Following the recent rain, there are sure to be plenty of puddles and slippery sections to test the footing of runners. However, most Club members love the chance to get off sealed surfaces and will enjoy the mud.

Two weeks ago in the five kilometre race at Burnie, Anna Murton was a close second (behind her father, David). She could well make amends on Sunday and chalk up another victory for the family.

Murton has had several other good results without breaking through, and will prove very hard to beat.

Michelle D’Monte showed a welcome return to form in a tough race last week with a close second and will be seeking to go one better.

Others to keep an eye on include Russell Horton, who has performed well in this event in previous years, Chris Talbot and Tony Stewart.

Members are reminded that entries close this Sunday for the half marathon conducted on August 4th, and can be made at the Cidery race or on-line before Monday.

New runners are always welcome.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be held at 9:15

Race 17: The Raymond Spinks/Coastal Running Club 12km at Somerset


Tim Dowling resized

A good-sized, competitive field started in race 17 of the season – the Raymond Spinks/Coastal Running Club twelve kilometres at Somerset. The hilly circuit course is a challenging one, commencing with a steady four kilometre climb up the Murchison Highway.

In a pleasing result for the handicapper, Pat McMahon, the top ten contained the first runner away (who finished), Dale Lancaster, the last away, Thomas Murton, with a good smattering of athletes from front, middle and back marks all close to the winner, Tim Dowling.

This was Dowling’s second win with the Club, the first being a five kilometre event at Penguin in 2016. He started one of the favourites after strong recent form brought about by some extra training. He knew the course well, as he lives close by and actually trains over part of it.

Michelle D’Monte showed a return to her best form with a powerful run into second place, just catching Lancaster before the line.

Simon Gates turned in another promising performance, while Natasha Mapley and Michael Bates indicated wins for them are close. Terry Watson, returning from injury, and Kelly Baxter also caught the eye.

Murton was the fastest male in a slick 42:20, finishing ninth, while Mapley was quickest of the women in a time of 50:22, which was the seventh fastest in the whole field.

The nominated time winners were Will van Rooyen, Brian Paine, Milla Price, Lucy van Rooyen and Maya Bramich.

Race17 Somerset12kmLinePosition

Race17 Somerset12kmFastest

News from the committee meeting May 13th


At the committee meeting last night (May 13th) some decisions were made that we would like to share with you.

First, there was strong support from members for the 5 km Fish Frenzy race on July 14 to be a massed start, sealed handicap event. This race doubles as the Club 5 km championship. The committee decided to make this race a sealed handicap for this year.

Second, Hayden Bishop had offered to set up a system to enable us to take on-line entries and registrations. He kindly attended and demonstrated how it would work. The committee agreed to trial the system for the Ironman Classic, run on July 7. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, it was decided to allow nominated time runners who are 12, 13 or 14 years old, to run in Club 5 km and 6 km events as non-competitive entrants. They would be timed by hand timers (not chip) and of course not be eligible for prize money. The handicapper would place them on a mark which would mean they wouldn’t finish near the front of the race. Thus they couldn’t affect results nor break the tape. We expect only two or three of our nominated time members will be involved in this way.

Races Requiring Pre-entries


Several races require pre-entry a week (Feature Race two weeks) ahead. Club Membership is also required to enter these events

You can download the forms here.

If posting entries, send with cheque or postal order to PO Box 561, Burnie 7320.

Mountain Classic 2019 Entry form

Marathon 2019 Entry form

Forth Ironman 2019 Entry form

Half Marathon 2019 Entry form

Feature Race 2019 Entry form

PCCCT Membership Form 2019

Notes from our handicapper for 2019


Pat McMahon is our handicapper for 2019. He has asked that these notes be provided to runners to give an indication of how he will undertake the difficult task of handicapping our races this year.

Handicapping PCCCT 2019 Season

I thank the Club for the opportunity to perform duty as Handicapper for the 2019 Season. All systems aren’t infallible. I am not a computer savvy person but I have certain guidelines to enable all persons to be able to compete on an equitable basis.

My Guidelines when handicapping competitors :

All persons are entitled to a win providing consistent performance to their ability.

Consistent running to ability can only be measured by performance over a number of races.

Consistent Performance cannot be measured by poor form, injury or sickness.

New competitors will be given a mark in accordance with information given or obtained and after performances that mark may be readjusted.

New competitors should be competing for a win at least halfway through a season.

A competitor will not be penalised for consistent running to their ability.

A Handicapper competing in Club Races will not have an improvement on his handicap unless it is sanctioned by the Committee.

Ability is commensurate to age and gender.

It is an aim to have the majority of a race to finish in a three minute time frame. (Excluding poor form, sickness or injury)

Winners will only be penalised to be able to be competitive at the top end of the field, if in form.

We are not competing for sheep stations so all persons should be able to compete on an even basis, enjoy the moment, the company and atmosphere.

It is good to be alive and be able to front up . We are a long time dead.

We are fortunate to have a Club that is able and willing to provide an array of running races and social events for an affordable amount .

All the best for the upcoming season.


Pat McMahon


These links below download our Constitution (drafted in 1968 and with amendments of 1998, 2009, 2013 and 2017) and our Code of Conduct which every member is invited to sign off and agree to at the start of every season as part of the registration process. It's important that you're familiar with the Code as it outlines the expectations the club and other club members have of you. The documents are also available in the Information section of this site.