Matthew breaks through at Burnie


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Devonport runner, Matthew Greenhill, has broken through for a win in the Sea Lyons Swim School 6 kilometre handicap at West Beach on Sunday. Starting one of the favourites after many good performances during the latter half of the year, Greenhill savoured his second victory with the Club, his first being a 5 kilometre event at Ulverstone in 2012.

Greenhill was a former top local tennis player until a back injury prevented him from continuing. He now stays fit training with the Meercroft Park group as well as participating in other physical activities, such as ocean swimming, with his family.

Greenhill overtook gallant front marker, Louise Morse, with just 100 metres to run who just hang on to beat Richard Lawson who showed some late season form to finish third.

Other top performances were recorded by Lorraine Shepheard and Rebecca O’Garey. O’Garey finished fourth and was fastest female (24:23).

Fastest male was Thomas Wilson who charged home recording a slick 21:04.

Raymond Spinks on Sunday achieved a unique milestone. He has run 270 successive races (10 years) without missing a race. At 75 years of age, Ray has run a total of 1030 races and should add considerably to this total before he hangs up the running shoes.

Nominated time winners were Jemima McLaren, Chloe Bates, Amber Taylor and Piper Taylor.

Race 27 2016 Actual

Race 27 2016 Fastest to Slowest

Trail Run Series


The PCCCT Trail Series final race was completed back at Penguin on a revised course of less bush and more gravel which was more accommodating of runners after a long season.  The series attracted  several new runners to the club.  While the competition was fierce many ran to enjoy the change of scenery and to challenge themselves.  The mud pools snatched a few loose fitting shoes, full speed wasn’t always possible and watching your feet led some to take the wrong turns.  At times sure footing wasn’t guaranteed and unfortunately a few runners tumbled. An amusing sidelight was Michael Bates and Dallas van Rooyen’s cool-down,  featuring a fall into a muddy pool, a push and  emerging plastered in mud.

Two of the courses were tough with severe short hills, mud and rough surfaces.  The other courses followed will defined gravel tracks with some short “watch-your-feet” sections.

Competition for fastest female was closely fought with the top three runners separated by 4 points (Rebecca O’Garey first).  In the U23 section Kate Hawley and Maddie Baxter were separated by 3 points, while Keegan Powell was a clear first in the U23 Males.  Keegan has shown much improvement over the season and found the trails to his liking – he finished a respectable third overall in the Open Male section.

The series winner was Mark Saint John who was overall fastest.  Mark also set up three of the courses and the extra warm-up didn’t hinder him as he ran strongly on the tricky surfaces.

The overall consistency leader was Russell Horton.  He was closely challenged by Tim Dowling who broke through with his maiden win in the fourth race of the series  to capture a bundle of points.

Pts after race 4 (100 for first, 99 for second etc):

Fastest Male: Mark Saint-John 383, Greg Smith 377, Keegan Powell 350

Fastest Female: Rebecca O’Garey 397, Judy Ray 395, Michelle D’Monte 393

Fastest MU23: Keegan Powell 391, Andrew Aichberger 290, Thomas Wilson 199.

Fastest FU23: Kate Hawley 300, Maddi Baxter 297, Mollie Powell 100

Consistency (pts same as club consistency): Male – Russell Horton 29, Tim Dowling 26, Mark St John 24; Female – Kate Hawley 24, Judy Ray 22, Rebecca O’Garey 19.


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