Race 16 Ulverstone Virtual Runs Australia 5km Handicap/Kelly Baxter & Rod Viney 5km Championships Race Briefing

West Ulverstone 5km

Mass start at Tobruk Park, Helen St.

NB: There is limited parking in Helen Street. Please park in the basketball stadium carpark and walk under the bridge to Tobruk Park

Stay on cement path all the way, under the bridge, beside the river, behind basketball stadium and past legion Park. Heading along Maud St turn right into Braddon St then follow path till you get to a PCCCT finger sign. Follow path behind the tennis courts until you come to the train crossing.

Continue to the end of the track then turn hard right along the road. There will be a finger and a witches hat and another hard right to enter the caravan park entrance.

Cross the train line, take care and turn left and run along Picnic Point Rd until the yellow gate.

There will be a turn point witches hat.  Then return the same way you went out.

This is a shared path so please be mindful of other users.

Care is needed crossing the boat ramp near the basketball stadium.

Race 16 Ulverstone Virtual Runs Australia 5km Handicap/Kelly Baxter & Rod Viney 5km Championships Preview

This Sunday the PCCCT heads to Ulverstone for the Virtual Runs Australia five-kilometre handicap and many members will relish the short event following two tough courses the last two weeks.

The event was originally scheduled for West Beach at Burnie but has been moved due to the UTAS construction work at West Park.

Tobruk Park at West Ulverstone is the meeting place and the event will take competitors on paths west towards the Apex Holiday Park and return.

The race incorporates the Club’s five-kilometre championships, so will be conducted as a mass start with the handicaps being sealed until after the finish.

The women’s competition looks quite open. Lyn Saint-John and Daile Bennett-Moyle look the strongest chances, but Felicity Lovatt, Rachel Young and Ellen Burgess can’t be ruled out of contention. Sam Mawer and Thomas Murton look the strongest chances among the men although Shaun Batten will also be a contender.

The handicapped race could throw up a surprise winner, but on recent form Sam Lovatt must start favourite. He has consistently figured in the top few placings and will be fresh after having to miss last week’s tough twelve-kilometre event.

Entries close at 6:00pm on Friday with the gun firing at 9:30.

A nominated time event will be held at 9:00.

Members are reminded that entries for the following week’s Ironman Classic close at11;59pm on Sunday.

Race 15 Somerset, Ray Spinks/Coastal Running Club 12km Handicap Handicaps and Race Briefing


This week presents a challenging 12 km course using predominantly back roads behind Somerset, with plenty of hills to test the legs.  The meeting point for this race is the Somerset Soccer Club off Cardigan St, Somerset.

The course starts in Cardigan Street at the western end of the Soccer Club.  Runners proceed west on left hand side of road to Old Cam Road. The course then turns left down Bread and Butter hill.  Past the bridge a marshal will cross runners onto the right-hand side of the road before turning right onto the Murchison Highway.  The course continues south along the highway (runners keeping on right hand side of the road) before turning right onto Village Lane  (approx. 4.1 km into the course).  Runners continue on Village Lane until it meets Seabrook Rd.  The course turns right at this point, with runners staying on the right-hand side of the road.  The course continues straight onto Malakoff Street, before crossing a small park.  At this point runners join Cardigan Street on the left-hand side of the road and finally finishing outside Yarrandoo.

Safety notes:

  • Apart from small sections at the start and end of the course, all runners are required to keep on the right-hand side of the road
  • Runners must not cross from one side of the road to the other outside of the designated crossing points
  • Runners are expected to take extra care while running along Murchison Hwy; keep on right hand side road at all times using the verge where possible
  • For front markers, a car will lead the way along the Murchison Highway
  • Toilets will be available at the Somerset Soccer Club

Race 15 Somerset, Ray Spinks/Coastal Running Club 12km Handicap Preview

Race fifteen of the season takes members to Somerset this Sunday for the Raymond Spinks/Coastal Running Club twelve-kilometre handicap.

The event starts and finishes at the Somerset soccer ground and commences with a four kilometre climb up the Murchison Highway to Village Lane, then continues on country roads until the final stretch along Cardigan Street.

The toughness and distance suits strong middle and backmarkers and they win this race more often than not. One who is in great form and very close to a win is Cooee runner Josh Febey.

Febey’s most recent start was last week when he was third over a similar hilly course. He finished very strongly in that race and the extra two kilometres will suit him down to the ground. This followed a string of top runs going back to 2019. He will be keen to break through for a win soon.

Shaun Batten is another bursting to win a race, while Anne Thomas, Troy Reader and Kelly Baxter are all top chances.

If a frontmarker was to provide a surprise, it could be Ken Williams who was narrowly edged out last week. He is sure to lead for a long way and prove very hard to catch.

Entries close Friday evening at 6pm (online) with the race starting at 9:30am.

New runners are always welcome and they can register at www.pccct.org.

A nominated time event will be held at 9:00am.

Race 14 Burnie, Paine Family Memorial 10km Handicaps and Race Brief

Race #14 2021

Meet at McKenna Park Hockey Complex

Sponsors: The Paine Family

Race Manager:  Mark Saint-John


  • Race begins on North side of 3 Mile Line, opposite Burnie Council works depot
  • Proceed up 3 Mile Line on RHS of road, heading West
  • Cross over Mooreville Road under the direction of the marshal, at the roundabout and continue West, staying on the RHS
  • At West Mooreville road, turn Right and remain on RHS
  • West Mooreville will take you past E Cam road and continue up to the junction of Brickport road at Umina Park.
  • Turn Right and continue up Brickport Rd on RHS
  • A marshall will cross runners over to the LHS between witches hats at Freer farm. Continue to the roundabout and turn Left.
  • A second marshall will cross runners over the road approx. 200m from the roundabout
  • Continue up over the hill on RHS and down the the finish outside the Council depot car park.


  • Marshal required at Brickport Rd roundabout on the way out
  • Marshal required at Freer Farm crossing on the way back
  • Marshal required at 3 Mile Line crossing on the way back

Imperative that runners remain on RHS of road and only cross at marshal points where they can be easily seen by traffic

Coming down off W Mooreville near TLC aquatics can be slippery, depending on weather: be alert.

Toilets can be accessed 200m East of our starting point at McKenna Park Hockey Complex

Please be careful crossing the road near the start and finish area and ensure children are well supervised also.

Race 14 Burnie, Paine Family Memorial 10km Handicap Preview

A tough task lies in wait for members his week as the PCCCT heads to Burnie for the Paine Family Memorial ten-kilometre handicap.

Members will meet at the McKenna Park Hockey Complex ready for a start on Three Mile Line and will complete a circuit taking in the many hills of Mooreville and West Mooreville Roads.

Although it is a challenging course, it is very popular with runners wishing to test themselves over the classic distance

Now the season is half completed, most runners are at peak fitness and will be looking to take out the victory.

Following a string of top runs while showing continued improvement, Adrian Mann will be a top chance on a course that will suit him. His best result this year has been a third in a tough event at Fernglade, He has consistently finished in the top ten, including last week at the Arboretum when he was eighth.

Tom Murton will start from the back mark but has the form to pass every runner and break the tape. The hills won’t worry him at all.

Others with strong chances are Josh Febey, Sam and Felicity Lovatt, while Nigel Baptist and Ellen Burgess can’t be discounted.

Entries close on Friday at 6pm with the race starting at 9:30.

This week also sees the running of the nominated time “Feature Race” to be held at 9:00 with extra prizes provided by the Paine Family.

Race 13 Tasmanian Arboretum Eugenana, Life Vantage (Susan Moodie) 5km Handicaps and Race Brief

This course consists of two laps (2.5 km each) around the main Arboretum area.  These cover varying terrain and vegetation.  This should make for very scenic run for both competitors and spectators.  Due to the nature of the course, there will be lots of viewing opportunities for spectators.

The race starts near the crossroads of the main gravel tracks of the area.  Runners will exit the gravel travel and cross an open grass area followed by a short bridge.  The course then winds over the western hill, following the marked tracks.  After approx. 600 m, runners will start descending off the hill using the track network down to the main gravel track.  The course then returns almost to the track crossroads before reaching a turnaround.  At this point the course follows the main Sylvan Circuit track (~1.5 km) in a clockwise direction.  Once the full circuit has been completed, runners will have returned to the track crossroads.  This is the end of the first lap.  The second lap follows exactly the same route from this point.  The finish chute will be next to the Rotunda in the open grassed area to the west of the crossroads.

The PCCCT has taken out membership of the Arboretum, so club members do not need to pay for entry on the day.  However, any members who wish to donate to the Arboretum are encouraged to do so.  They are supporting us by allowing access to the site, so any support we can provide back will be welcomed.


  1. There is smallish carpark at Arboretum.  However, as the site will be open to the general public, we ask members to consider carpooling to the race where possible.  Also, could all members avoid parking in areas other than the car park; this includes not parking along the entrance avenue (starting at the site gates and leading up to the car park).
  2. The first 800m of each lap is predominantly single-track grass paths.  These are well marked but there will be limited opportunities for passing.  Please pick your moment and pass safely.  Once the course leaves the western hill the track opens up leaving plenty of space to passing on the back 2/3 of each lap.
  3. There are sections of slightly uneven ground and exposed roots on course (first 800m of each lap).  There are also a handful of sharp switchbacks when descending off the hill.  Runners are reminded to take care and run to their limits.
  4. The course is likely to be damp underfoot, but there will be no muddy sections.
  5. Please respect the site and keep to marked paths and open grass areas at all times.
  6. Please respect other users of the course, as it is open to the public during our race.

Race 13 Tasmanian Arboretum Eugenana, Life Vantage (Susan Moodie) 5km Handicap Preview

The PCCCT will race at a brand-new venue this weekend as The Life Vantage (Susan Moodie) five-kilometre handicap will be held at the Tasmanian Arboretum at Eugenana.

The course may be short, but promises to be challenging as runners complete two laps of 2.5km each incorporating unsealed tracks around the lake and a short, sharp hill climb.

The event will be conducted on the long-weekend Monday, rather than the usual Sunday, to avoid a clash with the Launceston Running Festival.

As usual, there are many chances but one runner who will relish this kind of course is Howard Crispin. He ran really well over a similar course last week to finish strongly into third position, just 20 seconds behind the winner. This followed a string of promising runs in previous events in which he has been displaying steady improvement.

The hardest competitor for Crispin to beat is likely to be Sam Lovatt who finished just in front of him last week. Lovatt is another who has been rarely out of “the ten” in his first season with the PCCCT. A win would be well deserved.

Other strong chances include Aaron Robertson, Felicity Lovatt, Jackie Reid and Adrian Mann.

The race starts at 9:30am with entries (on-line only) closing at the normal time of 6pm Friday. New runners are always welcome and will find all information required at www.pccct.org.

There will be a nominated time event at 9am.

Race 12 Burnie, Sea-Lyons Swim School 6km Handicaps and Race Brief

This course consists of four laps (1 large and 3 small) around the Romaine park area.  This should provide great viewing options for spectators allowing them to follow the race as it unfolds.

The race starts on the eastern side of the Romaine Creek dam opposite the carpark off Amanda Crescent.  For lap 1, runners then cross the dam wall and run around the dam in an anticlockwise direction following the main track for 600m.  At this point runners reach a T intersection and the lap turns right up the hill, following the main track for another 500m before reaching the turn around point and returning via the dirt track that branches off the main track.  The lap continues to follow the dirt track heading north down the park fence line for 1000 m, past the dam to another turn around point which re-joins the main track and heads back towards the start area.  Lap 2 begins once runners reach the dam wall.  Lap 2 continues along the same track as lap 1 until the T intersection.  At this point runners continue straight and follow the main track for 600m back to the start area.  Laps 3 and 4 are repeats of lap 2.  After completing lap 4 runners will cross the dam wall a final time and the finish chute is on the left of the track near the children’s playground and carpark.


  1. Parking is limited in the Romaine carpark.  Therefore, all competitors that are able, are requested to park in Blackwood Parade or Kingsley Avenue.  This is to ensure access to the park area for other users and club members who are travelling with people who have mobility issues and/or small children.
  2. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may starting their race.  As the main track narrows near the dam wall, please avoid interfering with runners already on course.  If possible, please approach the start area by walking in an anticlockwise direction around the dam.
  3. Given the rain forecast for this weekend, parts of the course are likely to be damp and muddy underfoot.  However, there will not be any heavy mud sections.  Please choose your footwear accordingly.

Race 12 Burnie, Sea-Lyons Swim School 6km Handicap Preview

Race twelve of the PCCCT Season will be run on Sunday, heading to Romaine Park for the Sea-Lyons Swim School 6km Handicap.

One of the positives from last year’s shortened season was the trialling of new races, with this course at Romaine proving to be a favourite amongst members.

The quiet and scenic course proved to be fast last year, despite the undulating conditions and loose ground underfoot.

Shaun Batten looks to be a runner that suits this course well and is a strong chance to break the tape first. He has been a consistent fixture in the top five over the last few races, with the shorter races suiting his explosive speed.

His biggest competition looks to be Thomas Murton, who has been working his way up the positions each week. It’s not very often a shorter race is won by the backmarker, though Thomas could be an exception.

Anne Thomas found herself in the top ten in Stanley and wouldn’t surprise with a victory, whilst Josh Febey has been consistent all year and could find himself amongst it also.

Others to watch are Tony Abel, Sam Lovatt, and Felicity Lovatt.

New members are always welcomed, and runners are reminded that entries are online only and will close on Friday at 6pm.

The nominated time event will be run at 9am.