Race 7 Spreyton, Spreyton Cider Co 5km Handicap Preview

Following some tough races, this Sunday the PCCCT – Running Club provides members with a short and mostly flat course with the running of the Spreyton Cider Co five-kilometre handicap at Spreyton.

The course provides plenty of variety, taking competitors on quiet country roads, through paddocks, apple orchards and even a cherry orchard.

The race will commence at the later time of 11:00am to allow members to run in the Great Train Race at Don earlier in the morning.

With many members opting to compete in that earlier seven-kilometre event and then backing up over five kilometres shortly later, picking the likely winner is more difficult but one runner who will certainly be a top chance is Rhian Miles.

Miles has been running very consistently and finished strongly into sixth last week. She can easily take this out and make it the second win this year for the female runners.

Her biggest threat maybe another female in Kelly Baxter. After making a late start to the season, Baxter has quickly hit form and is putting in some big kilometres in training.

Others to keep an eye on include Steve Tammens, Mary-Lou Troughton and Tony Abel.

New runners are very welcome and can register for membership on the website www.pccct.org. Entries can only be made on the website and close at 6:00pm on Friday.

There will be nominated time events at the earlier time of 10:30 for those wanting a shorter event.

Members are also reminded that entries close this Sunday at 11:59pm for the High on Penguin Mountain Classic to be run on May 1st.

Race 6 Fernglade, Wilkinson’s Pharmacy 6km Handicaps, Race Brief, and Map

  • Course begins on Fernglade Road outside top entrance to Pony Club.
  • Proceed down the road on the left hand side to the bottom entrance to Fernglade and turn left before the bridge into Fernglade Reserve. (marshall)
  • Continue on the road, past the picnic area and onto the track.
  • Follow track right through to the pumphouse, turn around large witches hat and proceed back up the road towards top entrance.
  • Turn left about half-way up onto the track and proceed back down to bottom gate.
  • Continue up the road on the western side (now right hand side) past starting point and up to the second turnaround (marshall)
  • Proceed back down the same side of the road to be directed into Fernpark Pony Club at the top gate. (marshall)
  • Witches hats and painted arrows will guide you on a 2km loop of the pony club to finish in front of the clubrooms.
  • Last year some runners crossed the road prematurely, meaning we were running on both sides of the road and creating a potential traffic hazard. Please stay on western side of road until final crossing at the marshal.
  • As this course is in the bush with dappled light and variable terrain, including roots and leaf litter, please avoid running with sunglasses and run with your eyes as well as your legs

Race 6 Fern Glade, Wilkinson’s Pharmacy 6km Handicap Preview

This Sunday the PCCCT – Running Club will head to Fernglade at Burnie for the Wilkinson’s Pharmacy 6-kilometre handicap.

This interesting course starts at the Pony Cub and takes runners through the reserve, followed by some road running and then a bush trail back to the finish.

Although it has some hilly sections, the variation in underfoot conditions and the scenery make it a pleasant run.

Following her great second in last week’s ten-kilometre event, the athlete to beat could very well be Felicity Lovatt.

She had to have some time off running in the last two years with a persistent injury but is now back in excellent form and the results are coming with a sixth and an eighth before her fine result last week.

The main danger may be Ben Brockman who has been able to run consistently with the Club this year and has been very competitive.

John Badcock has been getting closer each week and will put in a strong bid as the terrain will also suit him well.

Several other runners have been knocking on the door including Ben Young, Jason Scott, Rhian Miles and Ross Smith and all must be chances.

New runners are very welcome and can register on the website where entries for the event must be made by 6pm Friday.

There will be nominated time events at 9:00 for those wanting a shorter event.

There will also be Easter eggs for the children.

All information is at www.pccct.org

Race 5 Somerset, Somerset Pharmacy 10km Handicaps, Race Brief, and Map

The race starts at 9.30am from the Pirates’ Park, Murchison Highway, beside the Cam River. There are toilet facilities at the park. The race is an out and back course over 10km and contains hilly sections. As the race is on public roads runners are asked run with caution and obey any directions from race officials. All runners please read carefully and note changes to previous years. The race heads south on the Murchison Highway. Runners run on the left-hand verge of the highway. After about one and a half kilometres runners turn left onto Back Cam Road. There will be a race official at this intersection who will cross runners to the right-hand side of Back Cam Road where they will run to the turn at the 5km mark. There will be a race official at the turn to cross runners. Runners return on the right-hand side of Back Cam Road. There will be a race official at the intersection of the Murchison Highway to guide runners around the corner where they will continue on the right-hand side of highway. Runners run one and a half kilometres down the highway to finish where the race started. Post-race presentations will take place in the car park at the Pirates’ Park.  

Race 5 Somerset, Somerset Pharmacy 10km Handicap Preview

Following two trail runs, the PCCCT – Running Club returns to the roads this week with the running of the Somerset Pharmacy ten-kilometre handicap at Somerset.

The out-and-back course starts by the Cam River and climbs the Murchison Highway to Back Cam Road and then continues on that hilly route until the half way mark.

This is the longest and toughest run of the season to date but with four runs under their belts, members should be ready to take on the challenge

This looks like a good opportunity for one of the newer Club members in Ross Smith.

Smith only had one run with the Club last year – the challenging half-marathon – when he finished a very good ninth off a tough mark. He has returned in great form this year, with a fifth at Wivenhoe and a fourth at Port Sorell. He won’t need to improve much to take this out.

Felicity Lovatt also looks to have a very strong chance. She will be well suited to this course and has been doing some big kilometres since returning from a long break with injury.

However, there is a group of runners who have been close in most of the early season runs, including Ben Young, Ben Brockman, Ellen Burgess and Steven Tammens, and any could win without surprising.

Entries must be made online at www.pccct.org  and close 6:00pm Friday with the race beginning at 9:30. New runners are always welcome.

There will be a nominated time event at 9:00.

Race 4 Wynyard, Findex 8.5km Handicaps, Race Brief, and Map

This course starts at Gutteridge Gardens, Wynyard.  The race starts near the soundshell and heads north-west on the path until this ends at Jenner St.  The race then briefly follows Jenner St before following the track along the river.  At ~1.5 km into the run the track end and runners will cross the road entry into the Cape Bridge Picnic Ground and follow Table Cape Rd on the right-hand side footpath, over the bridge.  Immediately after the bridge, runners will cross the road and join the northern side of the river track.  The river track continues for~2.5 km until it reaches the Bass Highway.  The course then takes the footbridge across the Inglis river and then drops down onto the southern side of the river track for the ~2.5 km return to Table Cape Rd.  Runners then cross Table Cape Rd and return to the Start/Finish along the same route as initially taken.

1. There are two crossings Table Cape Rd and there are short sections where the course follows Jenner St and the Esplanade.  Runners are strongly reminded that they do not have right of way and that they are expected to take due care at all crossings.

2. There are sections of exposed tree roots, stairs and variable lighting.  It is suggested that runners avoid using sunglasses out on course.

3. Please be aware we are sharing paths with the public and need to give other users due consideration.

4. There is limited parking in the Gardens carpark, so please leave this for other patrons and people with mobility problems or small children. There is parking at the wharf and in nearby streets.

Race 4 Wynyard, Findex 8.5km Handicap Preview

The PCCCT – Running Club heads west this Sunday for the Findex 8.5km Handicap at Wynyard, returning for a third time to a course that is rapidly becoming one of the Club favourites.

The out-and-back course starts at Gutteridge Gardens, utilising the trails and board walks along both sides of the Inglis River so no road-running is required. The course will suit agile runners, with quick thinking and movement required as the course is windy and undulating.

One runner who fits the bill perfectly is Aaron Robertson. After missing the first race of the season, Robertson returned with a good run at Don and then improved to finish eighth last week at Port Sorell. He will also be suited by the extra distance and could easily break the tape.

Ben Young missed the Port Sorell race and so retains his good handicap which, no doubt, he will be keen to take advantage of here.

Ross Smith looks to be another strong chance. He has two top ten finishes under his belt this year and will be keen to break through.

Felicity Lovatt impressed in her only run this year returning after an injury and will look the winner at some stage while first year runner Allison Goodwin has impressed with her efforts to date.

Others to keep an eye on include Josh Febey, Ellen Burgess and Liam Burley.

Runners are reminded that entries are online only and close at 6pm Friday. New members are always welcome and are encouraged to check our website. www.pccct.org

The main race will commence at 9:30am while the nominated time event will start at 9.

Race 3 Port Sorell, The Trend Shed 7km Handicaps, Race Brief, and Map

This course consists of a mix of road and off road track starting at the end of Port St, Port Sorell. The starting location has changed in 2022, with runners starting and finishing at the end of Port Street on the road near the boat ramp. Runners will head west along the esplanade before crossing the Panatana Rivulet via the footbridge. After crossing the rivulet, the course takes an anticlockwise loop following the trails, crossing Panatana Dr and continuing until the trail meets Milldan Rd. Here runners will head north along Milldan Rd briefly before turning right into Jefkins Dr, following this road for approx. 800 m before a turnaround and returning to Milldan Rd. The course then follows Milldan Rd north until the end of this road which leads directly onto trail. Runners will follow this trail until the footbridge to complete the loop before re-crossing the bridge and returning the start area to the finish chute.

Please do not park along the esplanade or near the start/finish chute. There is a car park at the park, as well as on street parking up Port Street.

  1. There are two road crossings at Panatana Dr and Milldan Rd. Runners are strongly reminded that they do not have right of way and that they are expected to take due care at all crossings.
  2. The off-road sections of the race are relatively easy, but there are sections of exposed tree roots and variable lighting. It is suggested that runners avoid using sunglasses out on course.
  3. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may be starting their race. Please take care to avoid interfering with runners already on course.

Race 3 Port Sorell, The Trend Shed 7km Handicap Preview

Race 3 of the 2022 PCCCT – Running Club season will take competitors to Port Sorell this Sunday for the The Trend Shed seven-kilometre handicap.

The race will start adjacent to the Panatana Paddling Pool Family Park in South Esplanade before crossing the Rivulet and using tracks in the Squeaking Point area.

This course is similar to last week’s at Don and so it makes sense to look at last week’s results to try to select the main chances.

Chief among these must surely be Ben Young who not only finished second but that result followed another second in the first race of the season.

There is no runner in better form and if Young does not go one better here, it will certainly happen in the next couple of races

Andrew Winkel started from the very back mark last week and was just five seconds behind Young in finishing third. He could very easily turn the tables.

However, there is a host of other runners who will improve with a couple of events under their belts and would not surprise if they won. David Murton, Rhian Miles and Tony Abel, who loves this kind of terrain, are all chances, as is Anne Thomas who trains in the area and will have a home-ground advantage.

New runners are always welcome but must register for membership at www.pccct.org where entries for the race can also be made. These close at 6pm on Friday with the race to begin at 9:30am

There will be nominated time events at 9:00am.

Race 2 Don, Cradle Coast Sports and Events 7km Handicaps, Map and Race Briefing

The meeting place is at Don Cricket Ground, Don.

Please ensure you are at the start line for your posted handicap time. Race start is at 6:00pm.

Welcome to all new members.

Please be aware we are sharing paths with the public and need to give other users due consideration.

The course: The race starts on the cycle/walk track and starts with 855m out and 855m back over the Don River Bridge and along the Waverley Road track.

Continue past the start/finish and follow the track up to the pool carpark. Take the path across the top of the carpark, continue until you enter the bush and take the first path on the left. Stay on this sawdust path until it meets up again with the cycle/walk path at Don College. Follow this around to the right and continue back up to the pool carpark and then back to the start.

Care needed:

  1. The sawdust path does have some uneven patches.
  2. Take care crossing the road into the pool carpark and watch for vehicles.

Please keep COVIDSafe distance between you and other runners, especially if you are following someone else. Please read our COVIDSafe plan if you haven’t done so.