MA & LJ Bates Plumbing Teams 4x5km Challenge

A new event for 2022! 

July 24th at 9am. Starting at Penguin Surf Club, Preservation Bay.


Entries close July 17 at midnight.

The race starts on the grass between the Penguin Surf Club and the coast, and heads east along the new coastal path towards Penguin.  The path continues up over the hill until the first turn opposite Johnson’s Beach.  The course then returns along the same route to the surf club.  From there, runners avoid going through the race chute, instead continuing west along the new path for another 1 km.  The second turn is immediately before Midway Point at Sulphur Creek.  From here, runners return along the path back the surf club and the transition to the next runner.

Each team will be provided with two race numbers only.  The first number is to be worn by runner number 1 and then given to runner 3 prior to the start of their leg.  Similarly, the second number is to be worn by runner 2 and then given to runner 4. 

  • All team members need to be registered as a member of the PCCCT. You can register for a “Single Race Membership” ($10) if you are only competing in this event this year. Click here to register as a member.
  • Only one person needs to enter for the entire team. They will nominate the Team Members in the registration process. You will need Name and DOB for each member before starting. 
  • Teams will be assigned a handicap based on their team of four. 
  • Teams will start from their posted handicap. Example: Your team handicap is 30 minutes, and the race starts at 9am. Your team will start at 9:30am. The aim is for all teams to finish at roughly the same time. 
  • You can run in any order, but each member must only run one leg. 
  • You cannot subsitute a runner after entering, as handicaps are based off of the team entered. 
  • Team Bibs must be worn by all members, and can be picked up from the PCCCT Van before the start of the race. 
  • You do not have to wear your PCCCT race number, but you will have to wear a team bib.
  • You must only perform the relay changeover at the designated changeover point at the Start/Finish line. 
  • You need to have a full team of four to compete. If you are having trouble finding a team, let us know via Facebook or email:
  • Handicaps will be posted to the website on Friday July 22 at 6pm