While the PCCCT season is on hold we will be holding a Virtual Run each week over the distance of the programmed race.

There will be no entry fees, handicaps or prize money. This is simply aimed at keeping our members, friends and potential members motivated and connected with each other in this uncertain time.

To participate run the programmed distance, anywhere on Saturday or Sunday. The distance will be posted on the front page, as well as our Facebook page.

Record your time on a watch or any fitness app. If you use Strava join the “PCCCT – Running Club” Club and that is all you need to do. If you use something else post your result as a comment with a picture, on the Facebook event or post. A photo of your watch will suffice if you don’t use an app.

If you have your privacy settings set to high on Strava you will need to post your result to the event or allow Hayden Bishop to follow you.

If you do a run longer than the virtual run we can use the first section. Name your run PCCCT Virtual Run so we know you want it included.

Please let us know if we do miss your run on the results so we can fix it for next time! Whilst the easiest method to do these runs, sometimes things can get lost on Strava.

Also, you may notice your name in the results but did not intend to compete. This is because we pick up all the runs in the Strava club of the prescribed distance, regardless of title. This helps prevent accidentally missing runs.

On Sunday evening at 6pm we will pick up all the results and post them on the Facebook event and on this website.

Please ensure you observe the current Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19.

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