Joining the PCCCT

The Professional Cross Country Club of Tasmania welcomes all individuals into a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere while promoting professional athletics with a emphasis on longer distance running.

Full membership is open to everyone fifteen years or older and club races are held on every Sunday at 10am (unless programmed otherwise). Membership is also available for runners who compete in a nominated time format over a shorter distance at 9:15am on most Sunday mornings. Nominated Time participants should be accompanied by an adult if under 8 years of age.

Full Membership registration is $40 per year with an additional $5 regular race fee.
The Half Marathon, 25km Ironman and 16.5km King of the Mountains race fee is $10
while the Marathon and Feature race fee for 2017 is $20. The cost of a one-race registration is $10 (the relevant race entry is still payable).
Nominated Time Membership is $10 per year. There is no fee per race. People wishing to help at races, but never run, are required to be Social Members (for insurance purposes). Social Membership is free.

2018 PCCCT Membership

Membership can be obtained at any PCCCT event.