General club information

These links below download our current Registration Form, our Constitution (drafted in 1968 and with amendments of 1998 and 2009) and our Code of Conduct which every member is invited to sign off and agree to at the start of every season as part of the registration process. It’s important that you’re familiar with the Code as it outlines the expectations the club and other club members have of you.


Professional Cross Country Club of Tasmania Incorporated
PO Box 561, Burnie 7320.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these points.

The Professional Cross Country Club of Tasmania was formed in 1968 and each year conducts a season of Sunday races between March and September.

Nominated time events of 1 – 3 km are held before the main event mainly for youngsters and runners coming back from time off or injury. Nominated Time participants must be accompanied by an adult if aged under 8 years.

Most main races start at 10:00 am. You can register to enter a race between 9:00 am and no later than 9:30 am. Don’t turn up at 9:30 and expect to register. It’s not fair to volunteers and makes it difficult to get the race away on time. If you have difficulty getting to the race on time then pre-register the week before.

When registering for your first race be sure to collect a handbook containing details of all the season’s races, start times and important information.

Runners may not compete in any club event until the registration and entry fee have been paid and you have been issued with an official number. All runners must display this number when competing in a race. Don’t obstruct your number as you cross the finishing line, this can happen if you look at your stopwatch. If you intend competing with the club on a regular basis it’s a good idea to get a singlet with your own number clearly marked on to it.

Just before the race starts, the Race Manager will give a pre-race briefing. Organise your warm up accordingly and be there to listen. It is important that all runners comply with any instructions given.

The handicaps are on display about 10 minutes before the race starts. Contact the handicapper if your name isn’t shown. Know your handicap and be ready to be called up to the start line by the official starter.

  1. The object of the Club is to create a greater interest in professional athletics and long distance winter running in particular.
  2. Membership is open to persons aged 15 years and over wishing to compete in Club events or the organisation of the Club’s affairs.
  3. Runners may not compete in any Club event until registration and entry fees are paid.
  4. Registration is $40. Unless otherwise stated the entry fee per race is $5.
  5. Club races will be held on Sundays, commencing at 10 a.m., unless programmed otherwise.
  6. The Club reserves the right to refuse the entry fee of any runner who has not paid up prior to 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time.
  7. Runners need not finish an event to be accredited with a race start in club records.
  8. When the official starter calls a competitor, he/she must line up immediately. If a runners misses his/her specified take-off time, he/she must drop back and wait for the next group to be dispatched.
  9. When competing on public roadways runners must, whenever possible, run in single file and always on the right-hand side of the road, unless otherwise instructed by officials.
  10. The decisions of judges and stewards are binding on all Club members except on appeal to the protest committee within 48 hours of publication or notification of such decision, any appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $10 which will be refunded should the appeal be upheld.
  11. Members are not permitted to approach the handicapper with queries regarding their handicap before the commencement of the event but may take the matter up with the handicapper after the race and presentation of prizemoney.
  12. Where flags are used to mark a course, or any part of a course, runners moving inside them take the risk of being disqualified.
  13. Runners assisted by pacing, either by physical or mechanical means, risk disqualification.
  14. Any non-finishers who do not notify officials can be fined.
  15. All members must display a Club number.
  16. For safety reasons, the Club strongly disapproves of runners wearing earphones during races.