5 km backmarkers to be raced this Friday

Important announcement: at it’s meeting tonight the PCCCT committee decided to run the postponed Simons Design Centre Backmarkers 5km handicap this FRIDAY, Good Friday, starting at 10:00am
The race will only be open to those runners who entered this event on Sunday ie no new entries will be allowed.
Could you please pass on this information to any of the 40 entrants whom you think may not see this post.
We will also try to contact them by text message and/or email.
Your committee is aware that this will not suit everyone but felt it was the best alternative.
It was strongly felt that the race needed to be run for the sake of the sponsor and to give runners the chance to accumulate both another “start” and also consistency points.
Other club members and supporters are urged to come along and support the race as spectators.

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