This event is a 9am start.

This race is a relay where each team member covers the same 5 km course.  The race chute will serve as the start and finish (transition for runners 1, 2 and 3) for all team members.

The race starts on the grass between the Penguin Surf Club and the coast, and heads east along the new coastal path towards Penguin.  The path continues up over the hill until the first turn opposite Johnson’s Beach.  The course then returns along the same route to the surf club.  From there, runners avoid going through the race chute, instead continuing west along the new path for another 1 km.  The second turn is immediately before Midway Point at Sulphur Creek.  From here, runners return along the path back the surf club and the transition to the next runner.

Due to unforeseen works on the Coastal Pathway in 2022 runners will be required to cross Preservation Drive at approximately 3.2km and again at the same point at approximately 4.8km. This crossing will be manned by two marshals, runners are reminded to cautious and safe when crossing the road.

Each team will be provided with two race numbers only.  The first number is to be worn by runner number 1 and then given to runner 3 prior to the start of their leg.  Similarly, the second number is to be worn by runner 2 and then given to runner 4. 

The coastal path is 3.5m wide.  However, as runners will be travelling along the path in both directions throughout the race, competitors are reminded that they must keep to the left side of the path at all times.  Please overtake slower runners only when safe to do so.

There is limited parking at the Penguin Surf Club and a large number of entrants. Alternate parking is available at Johnson’s Beach, parking at this location offers a 1.5km warm up.

The Club and Sponsor will provide a BBQ after the event, this will not be sufficient as lunch.


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