The race starts at 9:00am on Forth Road at Forth.

There are changerooms and toilet facilities at the Forth Football Ground (the meeting place) which is a short walking distance away. The race is over 25km and contains two major hilly sections. As the race is on public roads runners are asked to run with caution and obey any directions from race officials. Runners must run on the righthand side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

Shortly after the start runners turn right onto Wilmot Road, they run about 10 kilometres on Wilmot Road, on the western side of the Forth River, until they are crossed over onto Paloona Road on their left. The race proceeds over the bridge and a hilly section on Paloona Road until Melrose. Here runners turn left onto Bellamy Road.

After about three kilometres there are some major hills which take the runners to Forthside. Runners then turn right onto Forthside Road which leads to Forth Road where runners will be crossed over onto the righthand side of the road. Then it is downhill and over the Forth Bridge turning right into the Forth Football Ground for the finish line.

There will be race officials to cross runners at the start of Paloona Road, where Paloona Road meets Bellamy Road, and where Forthside Road meets Forth Road.

There are two drink stations – one on Paloona Road soon after crossing the bridge, and one near Forthside. There will be two tubs at the Forth Football Ground for runners to deposit named drink bottles (either name or race number) and gels etc. Drinks etc. must be in the tubs by 9:30am as they will be transported to the drink stations at this time. It is strongly recommended runners only take drinks from the designated drink stations.

People following the race in cars are reminded to obey all road rules and be conscious of other road users.

CAUTION: The last part of the race down Forth Road is on road which has very little verge. You are responsible for your safety. Stay on the extreme right and be prepared to move completely off the road if necessary.

A soup luncheon will be served after the race.


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