Course starts at NE corner of Romaine Pond (approx. 100m around from the dam wall).  Runners head north, cross the dam wall and follow the main path in an anticlockwise direction.  Follow the main track until the southern end of the main research area.  At the T-intersection, runners head right (south) along the main track for ~500m.  At this point there is a Y- intersection with a secondary branch to the right of the main track heading north.  Runners turn and follow this track through the cutting and then follow the fenceline single track until it meets the main track at the northern end of the main reserve.  Runners take a 180 turn to the left at this point, rejoining the main track back down and over the dam wall.  This is the end of lap 1.  Laps 2, 3 and 4 all take the same loop, following the main reserve track anticlockwise as before.  At the T-intersection runners head straight for these laps and continue on the main track back to the dam wall.  The finish chute is just to the north of the BBQ facilities on the NW corner of Romaine Pond.

  1. Parking is limited in the Romaine carpark.  Therefore, all competitors that are able, are requested to park in Blackwood Parade or Kingsley Avenue.  This is to ensure access to the park area for other users and club members who are travelling with people who have mobility issues and/or small children.
  2. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may starting their race.  As the main track narrows near the dam wall, please avoid interfering with runners already on course.  If possible, please approach the start area by walking in an anticlockwise direction around the dam.
  3. When rain is forecast parts of the course are likely to be damp and muddy underfoot.  However, there will not be any heavy mud sections.  Remind runners to choose footwear accordingly.
  4. There are sections of exposed roots along the fence line track that runners need to be wary of.


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