This week’s race starts at the Howe Street Netball Centre in Burnie. It is a hard 6 km but only has one hill to worry about. You will be crossing many driveways and several streets including the main entrance into the Burnie hospital, so please take care and always check carefully before crossing!  

The race starts on Howe St and turns left onto West Park Grove heading down the hill. The course enters the top gate of West Park and stays on the path down to exit the gates at the bottom.  Runners then stay on the footpath along the Bass Highway.  At Buttons Ave, cross the road and follow the footpath over the hill (DO NOT run on the road). Continue on the footpath and then turn left onto Brickport Rd. Continue up Brickport Road on the left footpath until just before the roundabout at Futuna Avenue/Uplands Place where you will cross to the right. After the roundabout, you will be crossed back to the left and follow Mooreville Rd to West Park Grove.  Run down West Park Grove and stay on the left to re-enter Howe Street and on to the finish. 

 Safety warnings: 

  • The top of the path through Burnie Park is undergoing maintenance. Please take extra care running down through this section. 
  • You must ONLY cross roads at the marked points 
  • You are responsible for your own safety. 


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