Please ensure you are at the start line for your posted handicap time. Race start is at 9:30am.

Please note: There is no nominated time event this week.

There will be drink stations but you need to place your own drink bottles in the collection crates at the start. Please make sure they have your name and number on them.

If you have a supporter providing you with drinks/nourishment, they must do this at the drink station. We don’t want runners or supporters crossing over the road during the race at random spots.

Please be very careful on this course because you will be running across intersections and driveways which won’t have marshals. 

The meeting place is at the cenotaph in West Park, Burnie.

Run east towards the gate and then up the path inside the park adjacent to West Park Grove. Exit the park and continue on the right -hand side of West Park Grove to Fortuna Avenue. Turn right and continue to towards the roundabout at Brickport Road. There will be a race marshall to cross you to the left-hand side of Futuna Avenue. Turn left into Mooreville Road.

Here you will be crossed over to the footpath on the right-hand side. Continue until you reach Three Mile Line Road and turn right.

Continue until you reach West Mooreville Road and turn left. Stay on this road until you reach its junction with Ridgley Highway, then go straight ahead before finally turning right to finish in the car park at the Ridgley Football Club.


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