The meeting place is at the Spreyton Cider Co on Melrose Road. However, the start will be in the big paddock across Sheffield Road where we have started in recent years. Please be careful crossing Sheffield Road. The course is the same as 2021.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT do your warm-up on Sheffield Road. Use the paddock or the area around the cidery.

Run straight up the paddock to Jowetts Lane and turn left. Follow the road (stay on the left) until a finger directs you left into an orchard where you will run straight ahead.

Follow the fingers and arrows which will take you through the cherry orchard, turn left and head down Pilgrims Road where you will be directed behind the apple shed. Complete the marked loop and rejoin your path out which will take you back to the start/finish.

The presentations will be at the Spreyton Cider Co. 

Thank you to Roselyn Hendriks for measuring and marking the course.


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