This Sunday sees the running of the Devonport/Burnie Toyota/Wild Ride Cycles Wynyard to Burnie Feature race.

This event, which is the richest and most prestigious of the season, is run over 17.6 kilometres, starting outside the post office and ends with a lap of West Park oval giving spectators a good view of the finish. The first runner away, Brett Riley, will commence his journey at 9:30 with the winner expected to finish at around 11:15

All members would like to add their name to the honour board listing previous winners, but only one will have that privilege. To win, a number of factors have to come together, but principal is a quality, injury-free preparation to enable a competitor to utilise the handicap provided.

The best of the frontmarkers looks to be Darlene Jacques who will be second runner away and prove very hard to catch while Kathy Franks also has a strong chance.

Best of the middlemarkers look to be Steven Tammens, John Saltmarsh, Nigel Baptist, Gerard Lowry and Rhian Miles. Miles especially will be very hard to beat after great recent results.

Any of several backmarkers would not surprise and be deserving winners. Mark Saint-John, Bryan Tuit, Lukas Pilkington, Shaun Batten and Tom Murton are all top chances but co-markers Ben Brockman and Josh Febey look to be the two most likely to take the victory and could run together the whole way before contesting a sprint finish on the oval.

Following the race there will be a luncheon at The Point for members and their families.

There will be no nominated time event this week.


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