Race Notes
• Meet at Goliath Park in Giblin Street
• Head down Giblin Street and turn right into Ennis Ave. Stay on RHS of road
• This turns left into Dowbiggin St
• Proceed south on Dowbiggin St and across the mainroad at the marshal
• Continue further on Dowbiggin St and turn right at the marshal onto the old Trainline which will take you through to Sunnyside Road
• Veer right on Sunnyside road and continue back to the main road.
• Stay on RHS of road until crossed over by a marshal.
• Proceed left around the corner of New Bed Road. Cross safely onto the RHS of NewBed Road.
• Take a big breath because here comes the hill!
• Proceed up ….and up…and up NewBed Road. At the top it will bring you along the top of the hill and turn right to bring you back down to a T junction.
• Turn right and stay on RHS of road to proceed back to Ennis Ave. Fingers and witches hats will guide you along the path to the finish in Goliath Park where we started.

Although Railton is usually quiet on Sunday mornings, keep to the right hand side of all roads and be aware of any traffic.
3 Marshals are required for this event. Anyone prepared to help in this regard, please see Gerard Lowry.
This race is a deferred penalty race; handicaps are done for the feature race.
*Special note, it is possible on this race to take home the chocolates without winning. 😊


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