The race commences at the Heybridge (Cuprona) Football ground.

The course takes runners around the outside of ground and then on the road out to the footpath which runs parallel to the highway.

The turn is near the Howth weighbridge, then return via the same route to the finish.

When exiting the ground, please run on the right (east side) of the road and when returning stay on that same side which will now be the left side.

Take care with the uneven footing around the outside of the ground and while on the road to and from the footpath.

Public Health have advised that as of 12:01am Saturday 17 July any person currently in Tasmania who has been in Victoria on or since July 8, and not currently subject to a quarantine requirement, should limit their movement in the community and avoid attendance at public gatherings. You should not attend the race tomorrow if you have been in Victoria since July 8.


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