This course consists of four laps (1 large and 3 small) around the Romaine park area.  This should provide great viewing options for spectators allowing them to follow the race as it unfolds.

The race starts on the eastern side of the Romaine Creek dam opposite the carpark off Amanda Crescent.  For lap 1, runners then cross the dam wall and run around the dam in an anticlockwise direction following the main track for 600m.  At this point runners reach a T intersection and the lap turns right up the hill, following the main track for another 500m before reaching the turn around point and returning via the dirt track that branches off the main track.  The lap continues to follow the dirt track heading north down the park fence line for 1000 m, past the dam to another turn around point which re-joins the main track and heads back towards the start area.  Lap 2 begins once runners reach the dam wall.  Lap 2 continues along the same track as lap 1 until the T intersection.  At this point runners continue straight and follow the main track for 600m back to the start area.  Laps 3 and 4 are repeats of lap 2.  After completing lap 4 runners will cross the dam wall a final time and the finish chute is on the left of the track near the children’s playground and carpark.


  1. Parking is limited in the Romaine carpark.  Therefore, all competitors that are able, are requested to park in Blackwood Parade or Kingsley Avenue.  This is to ensure access to the park area for other users and club members who are travelling with people who have mobility issues and/or small children.
  2. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may starting their race.  As the main track narrows near the dam wall, please avoid interfering with runners already on course.  If possible, please approach the start area by walking in an anticlockwise direction around the dam.
  3. Given the rain forecast for this weekend, parts of the course are likely to be damp and muddy underfoot.  However, there will not be any heavy mud sections.  Please choose your footwear accordingly.


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