NOTE: There is a typo in the title of the race on the handicaps. The distance is listed as 9km, but the race is 6km. The handicaps are correct for 6km, it is just a typo in the title.


Course begins on Fernglade Road outside top entrance to Pony Club. Proceed down the road on the left hand side to the bottom entrance to Fernglade and turn left before the bridge into Fernglade itself. Continue on the road, past the picnic area and onto the track. Follow track right through to the pumphouse. Turn around large witches hat and proceed back up the road towards top entrance. Turn left about half-way up onto the track which will take you back down to bottom gate.

From here you will be directed up the road on the western side (now right hand side) past starting point and up to the second turning witches hat. Turn around and come back down the same side of the road to be directed into Fernpark Pony Club at the top gate. Witches hats and painted arrows will guide you on a 2km loop of the pony club to finish in front of the clubrooms.


As per usual when running on the road please remember safety is your responsibility also. Please follow the directions of all marshals. Last year some runners crossed the road prematurely, meaning we were running on both sides of the road and creating a potential traffic hazard. Please stay on western side of road until final crossing at the marshal.

As this course is in the bush with dappled light and variable terrain, including roots and leaf litter, please avoid running with sunglasses and run with your eyes as well as your legs.


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