This course consists of a mix of road and off road track starting at the park at the southern end of Port St, Port Sorell.  Runners will head west along the esplanade before crossing the Panatana Rivulet via the footbridge.  After crossing the rivulet, the course takes an anticlockwise loop following the trails, crossing Panatana Dr and continuing until the trail meets Milldan Rd.  Here runners will head north along Milldan Rd briefly before turning right into Jefkins Dr, following this road for approx. 800 m before a turnaround and returning to Milldan Rd.  The course then follows Milldan Rd north until the end of this road which leads directly onto trail.  Runners will follow this trail until the footbridge to complete the loop before re-crossing the bridge and returning the start area to the finish chute.


  1. There are two road crossings at Panatana Dr and Milldan Rd.  Runners are strongly reminded that they do not have right of way and that they are expected to take due care at all crossings.
  2. The off-road sections of the race are relatively easy, but there are sections of exposed tree roots and variable lighting.  It is suggested that runners avoid using sunglasses out on course.
  3. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may be starting their race.  Please take care to avoid interfering with runners already on course.


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