If you are not feeling well, especially if you have cold/flu systems, on Sunday morning please don’t come to the run.

The meeting place is at Coles Beach, Devonport.

Please ensure you are at the start line for your posted handicap time. Race start is at 9:30am.

Welcome to new runners and new nominated time members.

The course: The race start will be on the grassed area near the BBQ to the west of the Coles Beach carpark. Head west and follow the shoreline to the Don River where the path turns left and follows up the river. It takes you under the train bridge and up to the sealed cycle/walk path at the bottom of the Don College oval.

Turn right taking the path until you cross the Don River Railway crossing then immediately turn right off the sealed path onto the sawdust track. Do NOT continue on the sealed path.

NOTE: a fresh, deep layer of sawdust has recently been spread on the first part of the track. It is a bit uneven so care is needed (though any landing would be very soft).

Stay on the sawdust track; don’t take any tracks off to the right or left. It will bring you to a left turn when almost to the pool. Keep on the track until you again reach the cycle/walk path.

Turn right and head up to the Aquatic Centre car park. Run on the path above the carpark, across the road entrance to the carpark (care needed!) and continue down the hill to the first switchback which will be the turn.

Then repeat your steps back to the finish.

We should be right with the Don River Railway train. The first run doesn’t leave until 10:00pm. However, please don’t take any risks if you and it do happen to get to the crossing together. It is very short and will cross quickly.

Please keep COVIDSafe distance between you and other runners, especially if you are following someone else. Please read our COVIDSafe plan if you haven’t done so. Thank you very much to our wonderful season sponsors which are all listed on our website.


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