If you are not feeling well, especially if you have cold/flu systems, on Sunday morning please don’t come to the run.

The meeting place is at the Berry Patch at Turners Beach which will be available for coffees/ice-creams and/or brunch after the race.

Please ensure you are at the start line for your posted handicap time. Race start is at 9:30am.

Welcome to new runners: and new nominated time members.

The course: Starting at the Berry Patch, run towards the river, almost to the train bridge, where you cross the railway line (care needed!) and enter the bush, following the path back to the left around the marshy area.

Please note: there are some muddy puddles in this section so consider wearing old footwear if you want to plough through them rather than go around. Please take care.

When you arrive at Lukin Street, turn right and then right again, into the bush. DON’T run down the grassy lane.

Follow the witch’s hats and path out onto the end of the Esplanade. Run on the river/beach side of the Esplanade eventually turning left past where the old service station used to be. Continue to Lethborg Avenue and turn right. The turn is about 200 metres along. Return exactly the same way as you ran out, again staying on the beach/river side of the Esplanade (so we don’t have to worry about the streets).

It will be well marked with witch’s hats and fingers.

Be careful of cars in the vicinity of La Mar Café.

Rod and Judith Priestly will be providing the voucher for the winner while the Berry Patch is giving us some vouchers for the random draw prizes. These will be presented following the race.

Please keep COVIDSafe distance between you and other runners, especially if you are following someone else. Please read our COVIDSafe plan if you haven’t done so. Thank you very much to our wonderful season sponsors which are all listed on our website.


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