Your Committee has decided that we will have a short presentation time following our races. You are invited to stay for this but please remember your distancing from others.
Our COVIDSafe Plan has been updated to reflect this.

Please ensure you are at the start line for your posted handicap time. Race start is at 9:30am.

A very warm welcome to Jackie Reid who is having her first run with the Club today. Welcome to any new nominated time members, also.

We will be running on Fern Glade Road for part of the run. Please keep on the edge and watch for traffic.

Here is a description of the course – it’s the same as we used last year (you may want to follow this while looking at the map).

Run from the start down to the bottom gate of the reserve, run into the reserve and take the lower path up beside the river. After running to the end, turn and then take the road towards the top gate but turn left through the big rocks half way up.

Continue back to the bottom gate, exit and run up the road keeping ON THE RIGHT until the turn. Cross and keeping ON THE RIGHT, return to the Pony Club and enter the top gate. Follow the fence down behind the cars until you are turned back up through the bush to the Pony Club arena. Run the perimeter clockwise, past the finish for 30 metres where you will turn 180 degrees and run to the finish.

It will be well marked with witch’s hats and fingers.

Please keep COVIDSafe distance between you and other runners, especially if you are following someone else. Please read our COVIDSafe plan if you haven’t done so. Thank you very much to our wonderful season sponsors which are all listed on our website.


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