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As previously advised, with the easing of restrictions due to COVID-19, your Committee considers it safe to undertake a reduced 2020 season of 9 races commencing on July 19. The programme is available on the link above.
We need you to support your Club by registering and racing as we have on-going financial commitments and rely on income from our members.
Please note these points:
1. Membership and entries can only be done on-line via the Club website. The link (above) will be available on Monday 29 June.
2. Season membership is $20. Each race entry is $5 but you are encouraged to register and pay for all races. Cost is $50, a saving of $15 on entering each race individually.
3. You can still pay $20 membership and then just pay $5 for the races you do (but if you do six or more you are better off paying it all at the beginning).
4. Nominated time events will be held at 9:00am. Registration can be done on-line only for a cost of $5. Runners must be 15 to run in teh handicap events. As for last year, 12, 13 and 14 year olds can do their nominated time in the main (handicapped) event when it is 5km or 6km.
5. Entries will close at 9:00pm the Friday night before the race if you are entering week by week. If you enter all races by paying $50 you won’t need to enter each Friday.
6. Handicaps will be published on the website on Saturday evening along with the pre-race briefing. These will also be available on the van on Sunday morning.
7. All races commence at 9:30am. If you are feeling unwell do not attend the race.
8. For Covid safety, you are encouraged to arrive in time to warm-up and race and stay 1.5m apart for the brief presentations after the race.

9.There is no need to wear timing chips. Only hand-timing will be used.
10. Please keep 1.5m from others and use other COVID safe practices.
11. For each race there will be a prize of a $50 voucher.
12. There will also be two random draw vouchers to be drawn from all runners in each race. The winners will be announced on the Website with the results on Sunday evening.
13. Winners may be re-handicapped during the 2020 season but original handicaps will be reinstated prior to the 2021 season. Your Committee deems this fair given the reduced prize for winning and not having sashes and trophies.
14. All races will count towards PCCCT Running Club career “starts”. However, there will be no consistency or champion trophies awarded.

This season’s sponsors are listed on our front page. We are very grateful to them all.

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Stuart Wilson · July 12, 2020 at 9:27 PM

After much thought, i have reached the decision of not returning to the club for the remainder of the 2020 season due mainly to points 1, 7 and 8. As for 2021 ,i’ll wait until after the summer break and see whether the club is a good fit for me or not ,happy running everyone ,cheers Stu Wilson.

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