1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?

My first race was in Penguin in 2016, first full season in 2017.

2. How did you get into running?

Through my father in-law, Greg Smith. A condition of a trip to the Gold Coast was that everyone had to do a race at the Gold Coast Marathon in 2016. So, I entered the 5.7km race. After that, I was hooked.

3. We have some great running spots on the NW. Where are some of your favourite?

I tend to spend most of my time on the Coastal Pathway around Devonport. We are very lucky to have beautiful tracks to run on around Devonport which is something I take for granted sometimes.

4. What have you enjoyed about being in the club?

The friendly but competitive atmosphere has helped me push myself to achieve the most out of my running. The social aspect is also a highlight and I look forward to attending every run.

5. You are known for your banter in the Devonport running community. Who else gives just as much?

This is a view of others that I’ve only just become aware of! I usually speak without thinking, which will probably get me in trouble one day. I’ve always thought that other members of the Meercroft Crew have had top banter, guys like Bryan Tuit, Evan Brett, Ben Brockman, the list goes on! Natasha Mapley also has some top responses to the garbage I spew out on most of our runs.

6. You recently achieved a half marathon pb, what is your next goal?

Currently resetting and having a rest to heal a recurring knee injury, but I’m ready for another crack at a marathon. Would love to run sub-3 hours, with an even or negative split.

7. Running tips?

Consistency. Try to keep a consistent schedule if you want to see results.

Learn to hurt. Want that race result or PB you’re chasing? It’ll hurt. Push through the pain, it’s worth it.

Training partner/crew. Find a friend, or a group to train with. It makes it so much easier to rock up to training with mates, and they help push you and make you a better runner.

8. You train with the Meercroft crew. Does this help keep you motivated?

I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without that crew. I sometimes struggle for motivation, but as soon as I rock up for training, I feel motivated. An awesome bunch of guys and girls that push each other and thrive for improvement. It’s great to finally train together again.

9. Do you have any races planned for 2021?

As I said earlier, I’d love another crack at a Marathon. The way things currently are, that probably won’t be until next year. Mountain Classic, Ironman, Half Marathon and Feature Race are also other races I like to get good results in. Point to Pinnacle is also an annual trip for me, I love that race.

10. Other sports/hobbies

I always tell people there is a reason I run, because I’m absolutely useless at any other sports. I have dabbled in Triathalon, but I can’t swim to save my life. Don’t really have any other hobbies, running keeps me pretty busy in my spare time.

11. You couldn’t live without?

Typical soppy answer, but my wife April. She is my rock and does nothing but support me. Even when I get up at stupid o’clock every morning to go for a run (though she does yell at me to turn the lights off).

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?

I was so far removed from sports in school. I was your typical computer nerd, hiding in the computer room at lunch time and not interested in exercise at all. I did play hockey and only started because the team got pizza for lunch one day at school. I’m still a nerd at heart though.


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