1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?
Joined 1988, 2020 would be 32 years (if we get going)

2. Which races have you previously won?
Paine Family 10k , Johnson Stowport 10k – twice, IronMan 25k, Wivenhoe 5k, Spreyton Cider 5k.

3. Do you have a running partner or group you train with?
I have had quite a few running partners over the years, Kaye Madden being the first.
Numerous training groups, including a Monday night run from Toyota at Cooee for many years which was great fun, especially when we ran through the picket lines on the footpath at the Paper Mill.
Sole Mates is my latest group to run with.

4. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
Initially started running with Kaye to keep fit for Netball.
Lots of friendships over the years, some are still about, others have pulled up stumps, and of course fitness.

5. The longest run you have completed?
Distance wise – The Overland Track 80k – ‘The Cradle Mountain Run’ many times.
Time wise I more recently completed a couple of 24 hour Rogaines.

6. Who are some of your role models in running?
Local role models would be Lloyd Febey and Ken Williams for encouraging me to join PCCCT.
I loved watching Rob de Castella and Steve Monaghetti race.

7. You have seen a lot of change over the years within the club, what are some of the positive changes?
When I first joined there were only a couple of women running, but over the years the numbers have grown and we now represent a greater proportion.
The Website and FaceBook keeping members in touch.

8. Running tips?
Keep running while you can as who knows what tomorrow will bring.

9. You hold the highest runs completed by a female with the club, what has kept you motivated over the years? Friendships, running with the Club is motivation to stay fit, it doesn’t get any easier as I get older.

10. Other interests/sports?
I have played badminton and netball, I am still playing squash (post COVID-19 hopefully).
I like to travel, I don’t do it enough I would like to get to South America for a trek before I get too old.

11. Your most memorable run?
Running in a Three Peaks Race is pretty special. Most memorable I think was coming 5th and 1st Novice at the Stanley race in my second year of running.

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
I was born in New Zealand and I’m a redhead 🙂 (There are a few in the Club who would know this)
And one more run to do to get a 700 badge – hopefully this year.


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