1. How long have you been running with the club?

Started running with the club in 1992, so this year would be the 29th year if we get to start at all.

2. You have seen a few course changes over the years. What are some of your favourite?
My favourite course by far is the 25km Ironman course in the Forth Valley.I also liked the Marathon course we had in the early 2000s which started at the Ulverstone Football Ground, headed to Forth and comprised 3 x 10km loops before heading back to the football ground to finish. This course produced my quickest Marathon time of 2hrs 41 mins.

3. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
I got into running after doing duathlons and some triathlons in my mid to late 20s and soon realised I was hopeless at swimming, Okay on the bike and above average on the run so it was a pretty easy decision in the end. Running has given me a passion that I will always treasure and a chance to meet so many wonderful people.

4. You train with the Meercroft group, how have you stayed motivated without them during COVID-19?
The Meercroft Crew are an amazing group of runners and friends and we still keep in touch through social media. There is always great banter happening and Hayden Bishop, Natasha Mapley and myself have a morning crew where we have a rotating roster of 2 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. I’m the slow runner of the 3 of us.

5. What pleases you the most with running?
I get so much enjoyment out of younger runners who show determination and dedication.I’m a bit biased but the Morning Crew of Hayden (Son-In-Law) and Natasha Mapley (Tash) are two fine examples. Hayden has improved so much in the last two years and has a bright future and Tash is so focused and determined. She has that never-say-die attitude that will take her a long way in her running career.

6. Your favourite spot locally you like to run?
My favourite run is the Devonport/Miandetta Loop which is roughly 14km with a bit of everything.
My number 1 run is definitely the Ironman course in the Forth Valley.

7. Some of the reasons that you like being a part of the PCCCT Club?
This is an easy question to answer. The club has been a huge part of my life and I have met many great runners and have gained many special friendships along the way. I have the utmost respect for people like Barry Ling who has been the heart and soul of the club since its formation. There is also the great Devonport/Burnie rivalry which always draws healthy contests no matter the race and then there is the handicapping. No one loves the handicapper (Hi Pat).

8. What is your most memorable running experience?
My most memorable running experience was finishing in front of the great Dave Chettle (my role model) in the Shearwater Fun Run many many years ago. it still brings a smile to my face thinking about it now. Running the Host City Marathon in Sydney as the test event for the Sydney Olympics 2000 was an unbelievable experience with 5 800 marathoners and to win 3 Ironmans, 2 Marathons and 2 Half Marathons with the Club is so special to me.

9. Running tips?
Enjoy the journey, Don’t take it too seriously and control what you can control and improvement will come. My first coach said to me if you’re hurting in a race, so is everyone else as well but if you want to win you have to hurt twice as much.

10. Who are some of your role models in running?
I have 2 role models in running and they are Dave Chettle and Viv Woodward (my first running coach). Both were great Devonport athletes and special people as well. I feel very fortunate to have been under Woody’s guidance and catch up with Chet usually along the walking track for a tip or two.

11. What is something about you most people wouldn’t Know?
I come from a large family of 11 children and life was a struggle for Mum as a single parent to raise us the best she could and keep food on the table, but she did and for that l am truly grateful.

12. If you could holiday anywhere, would you go and what would you do?
I love Australia and it has never interested me to go anywhere overseas.We live in the best place in the world anyway.


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