1. Your 2 favourite club races?

My two favourites would have to be the Mountain Classic from Burnie to Ridgley and the Paine 10km Memorial. I enjoy hills more than flat running.

2. Which club race/races have you won?
The Stanley 8 km, Spinks/CRC 12 km at Somerset and also the Paine 10 km at Burnie.

3. Your running tips?
I’m certainly no expert but recovery is just as important as training.

4. Do you have a preference of running road or trails?
The last few years i have really enjoyed trail running.

5. The longest distance you have run.
The Gone Nuts 101

6. Your favourite spot locally you like to run?
The Dial Range and also the Rocky Cape National Park

7. Other interests/sports.
Just running

8. What is your most memorable running experience?
Finishing the Gone Nuts 101 with family and friends supporting me.

9. When did you start running and what inspired you to start?
I started in 2012. My Dad got me started after he also got back into running. I was struggling with some health issues and am really grateful for him getting me started and for what running has done for me.

10. Has isolation affected your motivation to run.
No not really, My motivation was already low after struggling with some niggles after the Gone Nuts 50 km this year.

11. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
I used to be a pack a day smoker.

12. If you could holiday anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?
Antarctica, I think it would be great to experience how people live, work and survive there.
(Kelly and Rod)


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