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The McLean, McKenzie and Topfer Big Six six kilometre handicap at Burnie was run in fine conditions and a good field gathered to run the tough circuit course.

Dale Lancaster was first away and still had a good lead up the the short but steep climb of Brickport Road.

The third to start was Michael Taylor and it became clear as the last couple of kilometres were reached that he was going to be very hard to run down.

Taylor went on to take out a comfortable victory from Lancaster with Jason Scott, the best of the chasers, finishing third, in front of Simon Gates and Andrew Hay.

Taylor is a true veteran of the Club having completed 767 Club races over forty years. This was his twelfth win in total, the last being a five kilometre race two years ago. Remarkably, it was his sixth win in this particular event.

A top cyclist in his earlier days, Taylor raced in a final of the Burnie Wheelrace and also competed in six-day events. These days he is happy to walk/jog 6 to 8 kilometres several times a week. His aim is to achieve 800 Club races and then run for as long as he can.

Backmarkers Keegan Powell, Hayden Bishop and Natasha Mapley all ran great races to finish in the top ten.

Bryan Tuit was the fastest male with Lyn Saint-John fastest female.

The nominated time winners were Brian Paine, Emily Aichberger and Lucy van Rooyen.

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