This Sunday sees the running of the Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature race.

This event, which is the richest and most prestigious of the season, is run over 17.6 kilometres. Normally starting outside the post office and finishing at West Park, this week due to football at the oval, the race will commence in Gutteridge Gardens and conclude at West Beach.

All members would like to add their name to the honour board listing previous winners, but only one will have that privilege. To win, a number of factors have to come together, but principal is a quality, injury-free preparation to enable a competitor to utilise the handicap provided.

Frontmarkers who fit the bill include Dale Lancaster and Christine Wright. Both are runners who can keep their pace over longer distances and are very fit. Lancaster, the first runner away, in particular will be hard to catch as she has been close to winning other longer races this year.

Best of the middlemarkers look to be last week’s winner Mary-Lou Troughton, Andrew Hay, Russell Horton, Josh Febey and Terry Watson. Watson especially  will be very hard to beat after being in the placings consistently in recent weeks.

Any of several backmarkers would not surprise and be deserving winners. Natasha Mapley, Simon Gates, Matthew Atkins, Hayden Bishop and Brad Taylor look the most likely although off the very back mark with Brian Lyons, Thomas Murton could pass the whole field and take this out.

Sunday’s Feature Race Important Information
Updated information: Feature Race Details 2019
First, West Park is unavailable due to football. The event will now start at Gutteridge Gardens and finish at West Beach. The luncheon will be at the Burnie SLSC (Calcutta will still be at The Point on Friday). Showers and change facilities will be available at the surf club.
The Club will provide savouries but could members please bring a sweet/slices. The bar will be open.
Runners: please provide your own drink bottles labelled with your name and number. There will be two drink stations.
 Calcutta: please note that the auction (Friday Sep 6 7:00pm) will take place at The Point – NOT at the Burnie SLSC as previously advised.

How does the Calcutta work? Find out here: Calcutta Rules

Notes from our handicapper:

It has been a hard task in setting Handicaps for your Feature Race . I had informed you earlier in the season that I use a different mindset in setting Handicaps for longer and prestigious races and that anyone should not surmise their handicap going forward. I get a better handle on the task when seeing competitors run regularly in Club Races.
I wish all the best to all competitors . One hint . The race doesn’t finish at the Somerset Bridge.

If all don’t know, our handicapping is discretionary.
The word discretionary comes from the word discretion which can be used to mean the right to decide something based on one’s own judgement.
If a person is given a task to complete at your discretion, you can decide how you want to do it ,or whether you want to do it all.
Pat McMahon



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