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Victory in the Physiotas/Meercroft Crew 10 km “City of Devonport” handicap is much sought after by members and a strongly competitive field faced the starter for the race on Sunday.

This year’s winner, Spreyton runner Roselyn Hendriks, had been close to breaking through for some time and was thrilled to do so in this race.

Commencing with the Club three years ago, Hendriks has made constant improvement to the extent that she won running a personal best time for 10 km.

While very pleased, she didn’t expect to win and, in fact, wore older, heavier running shoes that she wouldn’t mind getting dirty if the bush sections were muddy.

It made no difference, however, as she finished 71 seconds in front of race favourite Andrew Rolls with David Murton in third, followed by Karina Mason and Amie Bramich.

Other promising performances were handed in by Hayden Bishop, Josh Febey and Anna Murton, while Lorraine Shepheard rounded out “the ten”.

The Club 10 km championships were conducted based on fastest times in the race. For the women, Amie Bramich took it out from Natasha Mapley and Sarah-Jane Tregenza, while Thomas Murton, who finished seventh in the race, won the men’s championship from Brian Lyons and Brad Taylor.

Earlier the nominated time winners were Kasia Taylor, Indra Taylor, Mitchell Elphinstone, and Maya Bramich.

Members are reminded that here will be no race next week and the next event is at Stanley on June 9th.

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