Burnie-Ridgley: The High on Penguin “Mountain Classic” 16.5km

Mountain Classic handicaps -24

The first of the season’s “blue ribbon” events occurs this Sunday with the running of the time-honoured High on Penguin Mountain Classic.

The course is a tough16.5km from Burnie Park. It travels via West Park Grove, Mooreville and West Mooreville Roads to the finish at Ridgley. It is mostly uphill and members look forward to this event to test their fitness and resolve.

The winner is usually a runner who doesn’t necessarily have a fast pace but rather stamina and the determination to keep pushing hard.

One who fits the bill is David Murton. He is proven over longer distances and is in good form. His best recent placing was a sixth at Don but this will suit him much better than the 7km of that event.

Amie Bramich won two races last year but will be a top chance as she has further improved. She has been recording fantastic times and a win would not surprise.

Brian Lyons will be the last away but he will love the distance and hills and would be a deserving winner. The other backmarkers, Evan Brett and Thomas Murton also look to be top chances, while Aaron Robertson, Andrew Rolls, Terry Watson and Josh Febey cannot ruled out as each is nearing a win and it could be here.

Entries have closed and the first runner will be away at 9:30.

Runners are reminded to wear timing chips and chest numbers.

There will be no nominated time events this week..

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