This year’s AGM will be held, as usual, at Ulverstone Surf Life Saving Club.

It will be on Tuesday 4th December at 7:00pm.

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Eric Hughes · November 30, 2018 at 8:42 PM

I joined the club in 1986 & have competed in 446 races. Towards the end of last year my right hip started to play up. in September I had a hip replacement which means realistically non more running, but I can still walk. As I recover I walk with the CRC & have started to do the 5k Devonport Parkrun. So what happens if I want to walk some of the PCCCT events? .If I enter the first race at Wivenhoe & walk 11 minutes a km my time would be 55 minutes. I have noted a couple of runners are over 7 minutes a km, over 35 minutes 20 minutes difference so not very practical. One way would be to have a walking category.

1: Walkers would start 15 minutes before the main race.
2: All off go, no handicap.
3: Not eligible for prize money.
4. Walkers would be given a start & be in the raffle.
5. Perhaps distance would be restricted to 10 km.

How this would work in practice I don’t know. It’s just an idea that’s open for discussion.

Dale Blyth · December 4, 2018 at 10:30 PM

G’day Eric, I hope the recovery is going well. Without being controversial it’s my opinion (which isn’t worth much) that we must continue to promote Professional Cross Country running in a way that it’s for those looking to be competitive. Changing rules to suit circumstances wouldn’t be an ideal situation. The nominated time race prior to the main event would be more tailored to your level as you recover.
All the best Eric, Dale

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