Wynyard to Burnie Feature race 17.6km

Feature Race 2018 Handicaps

2018 Calcutta

This Sunday sees the running of the Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature race.

This event which is the richest and most prestigious of the season is run over 17.6 kilometres, starting outside the Wynyard post office and culminating with a lap of West Park oval.

All members would like to add their name to the honour board listing previous winners, but only one will have that privilege. To win, a number of factors have to come together, but principal is a quality injury-free preparation to enable a competitor to utilise the handicap provided.

There are many who fit the bill. Chief among these are Rick Ferguson, who looks the best of the middle-markers, and Michael Purton who will start from a mark towards the rear of the field. Both have been in sparkling form in recent weeks.

Sven Mason would be a worthy winner as he was beaten by the smallest possible margin in this event a few years ago.

Kyle Groenewegen and Hayden Bishop will be very competitive while Arnold Elphinstone, Debbie Riley and Mollie Powell look hard to beat from their marks.

Other potential winners include Joshua Febey, Anna Murton, Simon Gates and Evan Brett, however there are many other runners for whom it might all come together on the day to enable them to breast the tape.

The race commences at 9:30 with Aaron Harvey the last away just over an hour later.

The winner is expected to finish around 11:30.

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