Race 24: Gowans Motor Group Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race.

Lyn Saint-John

The fiftieth running of the PCCCT Gowans Motor Group 17.6 kilometre Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race was run in good conditions on Sunday.

Penguin runner, Lyn Saint-John has triumphed winning her second Feature Race after victory in 2010. Since then she has had to overcome illness to finally regain her best form. She was able to hold off a quickly closing Bryan Tuit, who ran from the third back handicap, with pre-race favourite, Chris Purton in third.

Nearly ninety starters gathered to hear the starter’s orders before go-marker John Lucas got underway at 9:30.

With a few kilometres to run, Eric Hughes was in front but soon after he was overtaken by Rick Ferguson who had Kelly Baxter in tow.

Purton was looking ominous but Saint-John had him in her sights. Further back Evan Brett and Bryan Tuit were finishing strongly.

With a kilometre to go, Purton hit the lead but shortly after Saint-John was in front with Tuit the only danger but unable to reel her in.

A brilliant run by Brian Lyons gave him fastest time for the men while Saint-John was fastest woman.

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