Race 27: The Sea Lyons Swim School 6km at Burnie

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The Sea Lyons Swim School six kilometre handicap was the final race for the 2019 season and was run on an out-and-back course from West Park, Burnie, in fine but windy conditions.

Natalie Luttrell led the field away with Dale Lancaster in hot pursuit. By the turn Lancaster led clearly and was to hold the lead until entering the final kilometre when overtaken by Danielle Newall who was fighting hard to hold off two of the race favourites in Josh Febey and Jason Scott.

Shearwater runner, Newall, managed to hold on to take victory by just 16 seconds from Febey with Scott 6 seconds astern in third ahead of Nick Young and one of the backmarkers, Shaun Batten.

Newall was thrilled to get a win in her first season of competition. Formerly an infrequent runner, joining the Club has inspired her to train regularly, rising at 5:30am to hit the road before work. This has led to constant improvement as the season progressed, culminating in today’s victory. She is now set on achieving good times in the Burnie Ten and the Cadbury half-marathon in January.

Fastest male and female were Thomas Murton and Lyn Saint-John respectively.

The nominated time winners were Jemima McLaren, Ashley Fehlberg, Hannah Elphinstone and Chloe Bates.

Following the event, the Club Champion awards were presented to Thomas Murton and Amie Bramich with the consistency title going to Josh Febey, ahead of Vicki Knapman and Karina Mason.

Race27 Burnie Sea Lyons LinePosition 6km

Race27 Burnie Sea Lyons Fastest 6km

Burnie: The Sea Lyons Swim School 6km

The final race of the 2019 season is the Sea Lyons Swim School six kilometre handicap at Burnie.

The out-and-back course starts at the rear of West Park and travels east to the yacht club.

Racing will be keen as members without a win this year will want to take advantage of a season of solid training.

There are several runners who have been close to winning in recent weeks without breaking through and any of them could take out this final race.

Among the frontmarkers Dale Lancaster looks like a solid chance although she would prefer a longer distance while David Wright also has strong hopes after a return to form last week.

Strongest of the middlemarkers look to be Nick Young, Andrew Hay, Jason Scott and Josh Febey.

If backmarkers are favoured by conditions, then any of Thomas Murton, Keegan Powell, Natasha Mapley or Mark Saint-John could break the tape.

However, following his storming finish into fourth last week, Jono Price could be the hardest to beat. Although showing some form during the year, this was his best result and could indicate he his peaking just in time for a victory.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race beginning at 10:00. There will be a nominated time event at 9:15.

Following the event, season celebrations will occur at The Point, West Park. There will be a morning tea (members to bring a plate, please) and trophies will be presented to the season’s consistency winners and club champions.

Race 26: The Somerset Pharmacy 10km at Somerset

 Simon small Sep 19

The Somerset Pharmacy ten kilometre handicap was run Sunday on a tough hilly course utilising Somerset’s Back Cam Road.

The event gave runners their second last chance to record a win for the season and so was keenly contested with the first twelve runners finishing within two minutes.

Donna Allen was the first runner away and ran her best race to date, leading until the last kilometre until overtaken by another frontmarker in David Wright.

Two strong middlemarkers in Andrew Hay and Jason Scott, who were among the pre-race favourites, were looking likely to fight out the finish as they soon hit the lead but in the last five hundred metres Simon Gates charged past to break the tape.

This was the second victory for the Somerset athlete, in his five years with the Club, the previous being a five kilometre event at Devonport two years ago. He has been in good form all year and now will set his sights on some longer upcoming events.

Scott finished second just in front of Hay with the very backmarker, Jono Price finishing fourth and recording fastest time of 38:41.

Other eye-catching performances were recorded by Keegan Powell and Symone Denby while Wright hung on for seventh and Allen finished twelfth..

The fastest female was Lyn Saint-John. She was also the fourth fastest overall.

Nominated time winners were Theo and Milla Price, and Mitchell and Hannah Elphinstone.

Somerset: The Somerset Pharmacy 10km

The penultimate race of the 2019 season is a tough one – the Somerset Pharmacy ten kilometre handicap at Somerset.

The out-and-back course starts by the Cam River and follows the Murchison Highway to Back Cam Road and then continues on that hilly route until the half way mark.

However, with a season of running behind them, competitors should find a long, hilly race no problem and many will be looking for the win with only two chances left this year.

Andrew Hay looks to have a second-to-none chance. He has had a very consistent year, normally never far from the winner and recording many top ten finishes, including fifths last week and three weeks ago. He has been able to train much more consistently this year and it has paid off.

Jason Scott has shown gradual improvement in the latter half of the season leading to a strong third last week. He could easily take this out.

If Natasha Mapley produces a great effort like she did in the Feature Race, she will go close to winning. She followed that up with a good run into the ten last week. However the best pointer to her chances is her third in the half marathon a few weeks ago.

Other runners to keep an eye on are Simon Gates, Josh Febey, Lorraine Shepheard and Thomas Murton.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race beginning at 10:00.

There will be a nominated time event at 9:15.

Race 25: McLean, McKenzie and Topfer Big Six 6km at Burnie

Mike T small 2019

The McLean, McKenzie and Topfer Big Six six kilometre handicap at Burnie was run in fine conditions and a good field gathered to run the tough circuit course.

Dale Lancaster was first away and still had a good lead up the the short but steep climb of Brickport Road.

The third to start was Michael Taylor and it became clear as the last couple of kilometres were reached that he was going to be very hard to run down.

Taylor went on to take out a comfortable victory from Lancaster with Jason Scott, the best of the chasers, finishing third, in front of Simon Gates and Andrew Hay.

Taylor is a true veteran of the Club having completed 767 Club races over forty years. This was his twelfth win in total, the last being a five kilometre race two years ago. Remarkably, it was his sixth win in this particular event.

A top cyclist in his earlier days, Taylor raced in a final of the Burnie Wheelrace and also competed in six-day events. These days he is happy to walk/jog 6 to 8 kilometres several times a week. His aim is to achieve 800 Club races and then run for as long as he can.

Backmarkers Keegan Powell, Hayden Bishop and Natasha Mapley all ran great races to finish in the top ten.

Bryan Tuit was the fastest male with Lyn Saint-John fastest female.

The nominated time winners were Brian Paine, Emily Aichberger and Lucy van Rooyen.

Race25 BigSixLinePosition6km

Race25 BigSixFastest6km

Burnie: The McLean, McKenzie and Topfer Big Six 6km

As the excitement of the Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature race dies down, runners are preparing for Race 25 – the McLean, McKenzie and Topfer Big Six 6km handicap at Burnie.

The course is a circuit starting and finishing at the Howe Street Netball Centre and uses West Park Grove, the Bass Highway and Brickport Road. It requires runners to be proficient at steep gradients, both downhill and uphill.

With only three races left in the season, runners without a win this year will be looking to make all the training payoff by taking out a victory in one of those races.

Russell Horton has been continually improving as the season has progressed and as he will miss the last two races will be keen to win in his last opportunity this year. Prior to last week, he was in the top six four races in succession and will be hardest to beat here.

Danielle Newall was a great sixth last week and could be the best of the female runners, although Natasha Mapley is certainly coming good as the season closes and a win would not surprise. She was a strong eighth last week and the toughness of this event will suit her.

Other competitors whose recent form gives them chances include Joshua Febey, Nick Young, Jason Scott and Andrew Hay.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race beginning at 10:00.

Race 24: The Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race

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The  PCCCT Gowans Motor Group 17.6 kilometre Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race was run in excellent conditions on Sunday and a good sized field gathered to hear the starter’s orders.

The race looked very open on paper with many chances and this was how it turned out with just over three minutes separating the top ten runners.

Table Cape triathlete, Liz Murton, won the event and in doing so recorded her first victory with the Club after having her first run three years ago.

Murton commenced in triathlon last summer after being inspired by her daughter. She is very fit, having just returned from the world age-group triathlon championships in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she represented Australia in the 60 – 64 years category. She was second Australian woman and 38th overall in the sprint triathlon section.

Murton’s son, Thomas, who started the race favourite, began from the very back mark and in an excellent effort, recorded the fastest time of 55:41 taking third place. He was separated from his mother by the vastly improved, Mary-Lou Troughton, who made it a quinella for the women.

Fourth was Lorraine Shepheard with Phillip Crombie and Danielle Newall putting in excellent efforts to take the next two places.

First runner away was Dale Lancaster and she led until the last couple of kilometres, where she was overtaken by Murton. She had looked the likely winner with half the race completed. She eventually finished tenth.

Fastest woman was Natasha Mapley who finished eighth and recorded 70:21.

Full results.
1st: Liz Murton, 2nd: Mary-Lou Troughton, 3rd Thomas Murton, 4th: Lorraine Shepheard, 5th: Phillip Crombie
Fastest male: Thomas Murton 55:41
Fastest female: Natasha Mapley 70;21
First female other than the winner: Mary-Lou Troughton
Youngest finisher: Vicky Knapman
First 50+ years old other than the winner: Lorraine Shepheard
First novice other than the winner: Danielle Newall
Congratulations to all runners and helpers for making it a great day.

Race24 FeatureRaceLinePosition17600m

Race24 FeatureRaceFastest17600m

Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race 17.6km

This Sunday sees the running of the Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature race.

This event, which is the richest and most prestigious of the season, is run over 17.6 kilometres. Normally starting outside the post office and finishing at West Park, this week due to football at the oval, the race will commence in Gutteridge Gardens and conclude at West Beach.

All members would like to add their name to the honour board listing previous winners, but only one will have that privilege. To win, a number of factors have to come together, but principal is a quality, injury-free preparation to enable a competitor to utilise the handicap provided.

Frontmarkers who fit the bill include Dale Lancaster and Christine Wright. Both are runners who can keep their pace over longer distances and are very fit. Lancaster, the first runner away, in particular will be hard to catch as she has been close to winning other longer races this year.

Best of the middlemarkers look to be last week’s winner Mary-Lou Troughton, Andrew Hay, Russell Horton, Josh Febey and Terry Watson. Watson especially  will be very hard to beat after being in the placings consistently in recent weeks.

Any of several backmarkers would not surprise and be deserving winners. Natasha Mapley, Simon Gates, Matthew Atkins, Hayden Bishop and Brad Taylor look the most likely although off the very back mark with Brian Lyons, Thomas Murton could pass the whole field and take this out.

Sunday’s Feature Race Important Information
Updated information: Feature Race Details 2019
First, West Park is unavailable due to football. The event will now start at Gutteridge Gardens and finish at West Beach. The luncheon will be at the Burnie SLSC (Calcutta will still be at The Point on Friday). Showers and change facilities will be available at the surf club.
The Club will provide savouries but could members please bring a sweet/slices. The bar will be open.
Runners: please provide your own drink bottles labelled with your name and number. There will be two drink stations.
 Calcutta: please note that the auction (Friday Sep 6 7:00pm) will take place at The Point – NOT at the Burnie SLSC as previously advised.

How does the Calcutta work? Find out here: Calcutta Rules

Notes from our handicapper:

It has been a hard task in setting Handicaps for your Feature Race . I had informed you earlier in the season that I use a different mindset in setting Handicaps for longer and prestigious races and that anyone should not surmise their handicap going forward. I get a better handle on the task when seeing competitors run regularly in Club Races.
I wish all the best to all competitors . One hint . The race doesn’t finish at the Somerset Bridge.

If all don’t know, our handicapping is discretionary.
The word discretionary comes from the word discretion which can be used to mean the right to decide something based on one’s own judgement.
If a person is given a task to complete at your discretion, you can decide how you want to do it ,or whether you want to do it all.
Pat McMahon


Race 23: The Pat McMahon 8km at East Devonport


The last race prior to the big one – the 2019 Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race – was the Pat McMahon eight kilometres at East Devonport Beach. A new out-and-back trail course was used and provided a great variety of underfoot conditions – sealed pathway, gravel road, beach, sandy track and grass.

Burnie runner, Mary-Lou Troughton, had been close to a win for some time with several placings, and was finally able to break through.

Having started with the club three years ago, this was her second win following a victory at Don early last year. Since then, she has found a real love for running and the training she has done, often with her husband, fellow club member Ken, has seen her improve greatly.

Troughton now has an immediate target of beating her time from last year’s Feature Race when she again competes next week.

Race favourite, Terry Watson, was second in front of Josh Febey, Michael Bates and Andrew Hay.

Russell Horton and Jason Scott where next to finish while the frontmarker, Dale Lancaster, ran another game race to finish eighth.

Fastest time for the men was recorded by Hayden Bishop with Lyn Saint-John the fastest of the women and third fastest overall.

Nominated time winners were Phoebe Gillard, Lucy van Rooyen, Maya Bramich and Lachlan Purton.

Race23 EastDevonportLinePosition8km

Race23 EastDevonportFastest8km