Race 19: The AJL Lifestyle/AJL Yamaha Half marathon at Turners Beach

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Competitors had perfect conditions for race 19 of the season – the AJL Lifestyle and Yamaha half-marathon.

The course, taking competitors from Turners Beach to West Ulverstone and return, was mostly flat, and so conducive to fast running.

On paper it looked likely to be a very close race and the top ten featured runners from front, middle and back marks.

The winner was Cuprona runner, Chris Talbot, who is a long course specialist. Talbot had won the event previously in 2014 and is also a winner of the Club’s marathon. He has been running with the Club for about ten years after taking up running in his mid-fifties.

Since then he has completed forty-two marathons. His aim is to get one hundred under the belt and is hoping to do five a year to get there. He has also finished the one hundred and one kilometres of Gone Nuts twice as well as other ultra-marathons.

The next finishers were women, with Kelly Baxter just holding off Tash Mapley for second. Dale Lancaster was first to start and ran another brave race to finish fourth after leading until the last kilometre, while Terry Watson was fifth.

Other eye-catching runs were from Ben Brockman and Michelle D’Monte while backmarker, Brian Lyons, finished eighth

Lyons had the fastest time of 70:16 with Tash Mapley fastest of the women in 84:32 .

The nominated time winners were Phoebe Gillard, Ellen and Hannah Elphinstone and Ashley Fehlberg.

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