Race 4 Spreyton Cider 5km Handicaps and Race Briefing


Please ensure you are at the start line for your posted handicap time. Race start is at 11:00am.

Welcome to any new runners and new nominated time members today.

The meeting place is at the Spreyton Cider Co cidery on Melrose Road. However, the start will be in the big paddock across Sheffield Road where we have started in recent years. Please be careful crossing Sheffield Road.

IMPORTANT: do NOT do your warm-up on Sheffield Road. Use the paddock or the area around the cidery.

The course will have a couple of changes this year to make it more interesting and give us more trail. Run straight up the paddock to Jowetts Lane and turn left. Follow the road (stay on the left) until a finger directs you left into an orchard where you will run straight ahead (DO NOT turn immediately right as in previous years).

Follow the fingers and posts tied with ribbon which will take you through the cherry orchard, turn left and head down Pilgrims Road where you will be directed behind the apple shed (the second change). Complete the marked loop and rejoin your path out which will take you back to the start/finish.

The presentations will be at the Spreyton Cider Co cidery. You are invited to stop for lunch from The Little Orchard Food Van.

Thank you to Terry Watson and Roselyn Hendriks for measuring and marking the course.

Race 4 Spreyton Cider 5km Handicap Preview

The PCCCT season resumes after a week off for Easter, heading to the apple orchards for the Spreyton Cider 5km Handicap.

The race will start in a paddock nearby to Spreyton Cider, before heading out into the orchards. This race, consisting of mostly trail running, will be sure to provide plenty of entertainment for runners and spectators. Mud and puddles await if it rains before Sunday.

The shorter distance usually favours the front-markers, and favourite amongst them looks to be Tony Abel. Recording good finishing positions in the three prior races this season, Tony looks to be improving every week.

Young Dominic Troughton impressed at Port Sorell, recording a top three finish. With the potential for improvement from Dominic week to week, a win is certainly within his grasp.

Matthew Lardner produced a strong result at Port Sorell, as well as Brendan Burr. Neither would surprise with a victory this week. 

Sam Lovatt is also a chance, having a strong run at the Easter Marathon on Sunday. If he recovers well, he could be right amongst the action.

To be noted is the later start time of 11am, to allow for members to compete in the Great Train Race earlier Sunday morning.

Runners are reminded that entries are online only and close at 6pm Friday. New members are always welcome and encouraged to check our website. www.pccct.org

The shorter nominated time event will be held at 10:30am.

Race 3 Port Sorell, Glow Cosmetics 7km Handicaps and Brief

This course consists of a mix of road and off road track starting at the park at the southern end of Port St, Port Sorell.  Runners will head west along the esplanade before crossing the Panatana Rivulet via the footbridge.  After crossing the rivulet, the course takes an anticlockwise loop following the trails, crossing Panatana Dr and continuing until the trail meets Milldan Rd.  Here runners will head north along Milldan Rd briefly before turning right into Jefkins Dr, following this road for approx. 800 m before a turnaround and returning to Milldan Rd.  The course then follows Milldan Rd north until the end of this road which leads directly onto trail.  Runners will follow this trail until the footbridge to complete the loop before re-crossing the bridge and returning the start area to the finish chute.


  1. There are two road crossings at Panatana Dr and Milldan Rd.  Runners are strongly reminded that they do not have right of way and that they are expected to take due care at all crossings.
  2. The off-road sections of the race are relatively easy, but there are sections of exposed tree roots and variable lighting.  It is suggested that runners avoid using sunglasses out on course.
  3. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may be starting their race.  Please take care to avoid interfering with runners already on course.

Race 3 Port Sorell, Glow Cosmetics 7km Handicap

The PCCCT’s 2021 season moves on to race 3 this Sunday, heading out to Port Sorell for the Glow Cosmetics 7km Handicap. This is only the second time a race has been conducted on this course, with the inaugural event in 2019 receiving glowing reviews.

The race will start at the Panatana Padling Pool and Family Park in South Esplanade, before crossing the bridge over to the Squeaking Point area. The course consists of sealed roads and sandy trails.

After running second in both races this year, Greg Malley looks hard to beat. Re-joining the club last year after a four-year hiatus, Malley has improved his kilometre rating dramatically over the summer break. With the other big improvers now having recorded a victory, he looks set to join winners list.

Other favourites are also members returning to the club after time away. Tony Abel ran a strong run into third last week and re-joins this year after twelve-years away from the club. Fastest female last week, Daile Bennett-Moyle, also returns this year after four-years away and has improved dramatically over the last few months. Neither of these runners would surprise with a victory.

Joshua Febey and Sam Lovatt both ran strongly at Run Devonport on Sunday and could easily collect themselves a victory.

Runners are reminded that entries are online only and will close at 6pm Friday. New members are always welcomed and are encouraged to check out our website. www.pccct.org

The nominated time event will be held at 9am.

Race 2 Don, Cradle Coast Sports and Events 7km Handicap Preview

After a strong 2020, Darlene looks set to take another victory

Following the successful start of the 2021 season, the PCCCT moves onto Don for the Cradle Coast Sports and Events 7km Handicap.

This year the race is being held on Friday evening which will allow members time to recover for Run Devonport on Sunday.

Starting at the Don Cricket Ground at 6pm, the 7km race is run mostly on sealed tracks. Runners will also have to navigate sections of sawdust in a loop through the bush near the pool.

Favourite to break the tape would be Darlene Jacques, after continuing her fine form of last year through to race one, finishing 3rd. Darlene has worked hard training with the Everyday Lions group, and has posted many personal bests over the last year. She also recorded a win last year, but her improvement has been so impressive that she could collect herself another victory.

Greg Malley ran a strong race last week and wouldn’t surprise with a victory. Other runners who are a strong chance over this distance are Dale Lancaster, Josh Febey, and Adrian Mann.

Geoff Cassidy also ran an excellent time last week, finishing within a minute of the winner. With a slightly longer race, he also could be right up there with a chance of winning. 

Runners are reminded that entries are online only and will close at 6pm Wednesday.

The nominated time event will be held at 5:30pm.

Race 1 Wivenhoe, Burnie SportsPower 5km Handicaps and Race Brief

This course consists of a simple out and back starting in the Wivenhoe Showgrounds.

The race starts in front of the grandstand the western side of the Showgrounds.  The course then exists the NW gate and immediately crosses Pearl St.  The course continues along the left side of Main Rd until River Rd where it heads south for ~30m before crossing River Rd and heading north to the Bass Highway.  Runners cross the Emu River and then turn left following Massy-Greene Dr before turning left onto the path following Fern Glade Rd.  When the path reaches the small carpark the course crosses Fern Glade Rd taking the left side of the path fork, over the small hill and continues to the turnaround at the entrance to Fern Glade Reserve.  On the return, runners will go over the small hill and take the left fork in the path before crossing over Fern Glade Rd.  The course then backtracks to Wivenhoe and the finish chute in the Showgrounds.


  1. As this course is an out and back following the same path in both directions, all runners are requested to keep to the left side of the path wherever practical.  This is especially necessary on the path along Fern Glade Rd where runners will be passing each other in both directions.
  2. There are four road crossings on this course in each direction.  The major crossings will be marshalled, but runners are reminded that they do not have right of way and to take due care at all crossings.
  3. When warming up and moving towards the start area, people are reminded that runners may be starting their race.  Please take care to avoid interfering with runners already on course.

Race 1 Wivenhoe, Burnie SportsPower 5km Handicap Preview

Jason Scott is a strong favourite for this weeks race

After a shortened season in 2020 due to COVID-19, the PCCCT will commence a full-length season this Sunday. Our first event of the season is the Burnie SportsPower 5km Handicap. Starting at the Wivenhoe Showgrounds, the out-and-back course heads out to the Fernglade Reserve.

All handicaps have been reset to the start of 2020, allowing the nine winners in last year’s season a chance at a trophy and sash.

The biggest chance out of that group looks to be Jason Scott, who has continued to improve since his win last year. Nick Young and Darlene Jacques are also strong chances, whilst Josh Febey cannot be discounted.

Ellen Burgess and Adrian Mann were unlucky not to break the tape last year and wouldn’t surprise with a victory.

The race will begin at 9:30am with entries closing at 6pm Friday. As entries are online only, runners will need to ensure that they are registered and entered into the race by this time.

The minimum age to run handicapped races is fifteen but nominated time races over a shorter distance are held 30 minutes prior to most races. Runners need to be registered before arriving, however they can enter the race on the day.

New members are most welcome and will be supplied with a race number on the day. Previous members are asked to return their timing chips, as they will not be used for the foreseeable future.