2017 Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM will be held, as usual, at Ulverstone Surf Life Saving Club.

It will be on Tuesday 5th December at 7:00pm.

Below is the link to the nomination form for committee positions. All positions are declared vacant, except for three general committee positions where the incumbents have completed the first year of a two year term.

You may also use the links below to access the Agenda, the 2016 AGM minutes and a suggested constitutional change re membership.

Please considering standing/nominating for the committee.


Nomination for Committee Form

2017 AGM Agenda



5 km backmarkers to be raced this Friday

Important announcement: at it’s meeting tonight the PCCCT committee decided to run the postponed Simons Design Centre Backmarkers 5km handicap this FRIDAY, Good Friday, starting at 10:00am
The race will only be open to those runners who entered this event on Sunday ie no new entries will be allowed.
Could you please pass on this information to any of the 40 entrants whom you think may not see this post.
We will also try to contact them by text message and/or email.
Your committee is aware that this will not suit everyone but felt it was the best alternative.
It was strongly felt that the race needed to be run for the sake of the sponsor and to give runners the chance to accumulate both another “start” and also consistency points.
Other club members and supporters are urged to come along and support the race as spectators.

Marathon Training Schedule

To help you prepare for the club marathon on April 30, you might like to follow this guide.

This is an “intermediate” one. It should be fine for all regular runners (not beginners) so will be okay for club members. The better runners might like to do a more advanced schedule.

This schedule has the long run on Sundays, so if you are doing the club races (and we hope that you are) you will need to do your long run on another day – Saturday perhaps..

trainingguide-marathon-intermediate12 week

Consistency Award and Championships 2016

Here are the placings in the Jack Propsting Consistency Award and the Club Championships.

The Consistency Award is calculated by using a points system based on finishing positions in races and the Championships on fastest times. See page 28 of the Handbook for full details.

1st Mark Saint-John 147 points
2nd Thomas Murton 135 points
3rd Equal Judy Ray and Russell Horton 134 points

Male Championship

1st Thomas Murton 105 points
2nd Bryan Tuit 68 points
3rd Ben Hoare 51 points

Female Championship

Rebecca O’Grady 88 points
2nd Sally Haines 85 points
3rd Judy Ray 82 points

Trail Run Series

The PCCCT Trail Series final race was completed back at Penguin on a revised course of less bush and more gravel which was more accommodating of runners after a long season.  The series attracted  several new runners to the club.  While the competition was fierce many ran to enjoy the change of scenery and to challenge themselves.  The mud pools snatched a few loose fitting shoes, full speed wasn’t always possible and watching your feet led some to take the wrong turns.  At times sure footing wasn’t guaranteed and unfortunately a few runners tumbled. An amusing sidelight was Michael Bates and Dallas van Rooyen’s cool-down,  featuring a fall into a muddy pool, a push and  emerging plastered in mud.

Two of the courses were tough with severe short hills, mud and rough surfaces.  The other courses followed will defined gravel tracks with some short “watch-your-feet” sections.

Competition for fastest female was closely fought with the top three runners separated by 4 points (Rebecca O’Garey first).  In the U23 section Kate Hawley and Maddie Baxter were separated by 3 points, while Keegan Powell was a clear first in the U23 Males.  Keegan has shown much improvement over the season and found the trails to his liking – he finished a respectable third overall in the Open Male section.

The series winner was Mark Saint John who was overall fastest.  Mark also set up three of the courses and the extra warm-up didn’t hinder him as he ran strongly on the tricky surfaces.

The overall consistency leader was Russell Horton.  He was closely challenged by Tim Dowling who broke through with his maiden win in the fourth race of the series  to capture a bundle of points.

Pts after race 4 (100 for first, 99 for second etc):

Fastest Male: Mark Saint-John 383, Greg Smith 377, Keegan Powell 350

Fastest Female: Rebecca O’Garey 397, Judy Ray 395, Michelle D’Monte 393

Fastest MU23: Keegan Powell 391, Andrew Aichberger 290, Thomas Wilson 199.

Fastest FU23: Kate Hawley 300, Maddi Baxter 297, Mollie Powell 100

Consistency (pts same as club consistency): Male – Russell Horton 29, Tim Dowling 26, Mark St John 24; Female – Kate Hawley 24, Judy Ray 22, Rebecca O’Garey 19.