Results of AGM 2020

Presidents Report 2020

The PCCCT AGM was held last night, and the following appointments were made:

Patron: Barry Ling

President: Rodney Viney

Vice President (2 positions): Malcom Nutting & Mark Saint-John

Secretary: Not filled, will be shared by the committee for now.

Treasurer: Gerard Leary

Publicity Officer: Hayden Bishop

Handicapper: Pat McMahon

Comittee Members (2 Years): Ellen Burgess, Darlene Jacques, & Kelly Baxter

Greg Smith and Jason Scott will continue in the 2nd year of their appointments.

There is still a position vacant as committee member for 1 year. If you’re interested in filling this role, please contact us.

2020 Season Launch

Start getting excited!

As previously advised, with the easing of restrictions due to COVID-19, your Committee considers it safe to undertake a reduced 2020 season of 9 races commencing on July 19. The programme is available on the link above.
We need you to support your Club by registering and racing as we have on-going financial commitments and rely on income from our members.
Please note these points:
1. Membership and entries can only be done on-line via the Club website. The link (above) will be available on Monday 29 June.
2. Season membership is $20. Each race entry is $5 but you are encouraged to register and pay for all races. Cost is $50, a saving of $15 on entering each race individually.
3. You can still pay $20 membership and then just pay $5 for the races you do (but if you do six or more you are better off paying it all at the beginning).
4. Nominated time events will be held at 9:00am. Registration can be done on-line only for a cost of $5. Runners must be 15 to run in teh handicap events. As for last year, 12, 13 and 14 year olds can do their nominated time in the main (handicapped) event when it is 5km or 6km.
5. Entries will close at 9:00pm the Friday night before the race if you are entering week by week. If you enter all races by paying $50 you won’t need to enter each Friday.
6. Handicaps will be published on the website on Saturday evening along with the pre-race briefing. These will also be available on the van on Sunday morning.
7. All races commence at 9:30am. If you are feeling unwell do not attend the race.
8. For Covid safety, you are encouraged to arrive in time to warm-up and race and stay 1.5m apart for the brief presentations after the race.

9.There is no need to wear timing chips. Only hand-timing will be used.
10. Please keep 1.5m from others and use other COVID safe practices.
11. For each race there will be a prize of a $50 voucher.
12. There will also be two random draw vouchers to be drawn from all runners in each race. The winners will be announced on the Website with the results on Sunday evening.
13. Winners may be re-handicapped during the 2020 season but original handicaps will be reinstated prior to the 2021 season. Your Committee deems this fair given the reduced prize for winning and not having sashes and trophies.
14. All races will count towards PCCCT Running Club career “starts”. However, there will be no consistency or champion trophies awarded.

This season’s sponsors are listed on our front page. We are very grateful to them all.

Start of season postponed

For all the latest news and updates please Like our Facebook page.

Last night your committee decided that the wisest course to undertake at the present time is to postpone the start to our season.

This morning parkrun has advised that all parkruns in Australia and New Zealand are suspended, at least until the end of March. At the last committee meeting we agreed that this would be a trigger for us to postpone.

In addition, everyone would be aware of the current regulations regarding social distancing. When we all gather at our events this is problematic.

Finally, with all the other cancellations, especially of sporting events, we could be viewed as irresponsible if we pressed on. This could lead to reputational damage to your Club.

We ask that everyone accepts this difficult decision.

If you have already registered, that still stands and you will be set to go when we are up and running. Similarly, those people who have paid the entry to race 1, that will be held in credit for your first run.

Your committee will be keeping in regular touch and will advise when we can get underway and the shape of the season. Clearly some races will be lost for this year.

Please keep checking here and Facebook for further announcements.

Keep safe and keep running (just not in big groups).

Rod (on behalf of President Barry and your committee).

Information re COVID-19

Important Information
COVID-19 Update
Sunday March 15, 2020

The PCCCT committee is monitoring the current COVID-19 situation. As the club races attract less than 500 people we do not feel the need to cancel races at this stage. This decision is based on current Department of Health recommendations. We will continue to monitor the situation for any changes. We will act on advice from the local Department of Health to ensure that our response to this ongoing and developing pandemic is appropriate and in line with the most up-to-date advice and guidelines.

The health and safety of our members is our number one priority and we will act on advice and directions from the Health Department if and when they change.

The PCCCT is taking measures to ensure we have a safe environment for our members. Consequently, the morning tea normally held after race 1 is cancelled.

We will have hand sanitiser available for use at races

We urge our members and supporters to adopt the following recommendations from the Department of Health:

  1. Do not shake hands or otherwise contact one another.
  2. Try to keep a distance of 1.5m from other people.
  3. Cover nose and mouth with tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing.
  4. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry with paper towel.

If you are displaying symptoms that are associated with COVID-19 you should seek medical advice. For the health and safety of other members we encourage you to refrain from attending any races when unwell.

The committee will keep you updated both on Facebook and our website if any new information comes to hand.

PCCCT Running Tops

Orders from our first batch of tops have arrived! Please check your emails for more information on collection, or you can collect at Race 1 (Wivenhoe).

Orders from the second batch have been received and are processing. 

We are currently not taking any orders. We anticipate to reopen after the season starts. 


You will be able to get your name on the back, and your race number on the front. This number will be able to be used for races, so you won’t have to pin a bib onto these tops for PCCCT races.

Singlet – $33

Shirt – $38

Fill out this form to place an order

This form only submits an order for one person. If ordering for multiple people, please fill this form out for each person. This ensures we are getting the right details on the right tops. 

Orders for the this batch will close on the Wednesday 12/3/20 at 8pm. More orders will be made throughout the year depending on demand.

We will notify you by email, and post on our Facebook page and website once the orders are ready for collection.

Special General Meeting – October 23 at 7:00pm Ulverstone Surf Club

Results of meeting

At the Special General Meeting of the Club tonight, members voted as follows:

A majority of members present voted in favour of lifting the penalty (suspension) of the member who had been suspended. That member may now continue as a member of the PCCCT.

A majority of members present voted in favour of confirmation of the penalty of the member who had been expelled and appealed. That member now ceases to be a member of of the PCCCT.

Rod Viney (Secretary)

Your Committee would like all 2019 members and Life Members who can possibly attend to do so.

Some unfortunate incidents occurred after race 25  on September 15 at Burnie Netball Centre (the Big Six), involving three Club members.

As per the Club Constitution Section 31 (link below), your Committee investigated and found all three had breached the Club Code of Conduct (link below).

Consequently, two members were expelled from the Club and the third suspended.

The Constitution allows suspended and expelled members to appeal their sanctions to a special general meeting and two of the three have appealed.


  1. Welcome and brief explanation of proceedings
  2. Details of the penalties imposed by the committee and the reason for the penalties
  3. Up to five minute break for the appellants to prepare to be heard by the meeting
  4. The member suspended may speak to the meeting, should he wish
  5. The member expelled may speak to the meeting, should he wish
  6. Vote scrutineers appointed
  7. Voting slips distributed and members vote to endorse each penalty or lift each penalty
  8. Votes counted by scrutineers
  9. Count result announced
  10. Meeting closes

NB As per the Constitution:

(8) If at the Special General Meeting a majority of the members present vote in favour of the lifting of the penalty, the penalty shall be deemed to have been lifted and the member is entitled to continue their membership of the Association.

(9) If at the Special General Meeting a majority of the members present vote in favour of the confirmation of the penalty, the penalty takes effect, and the member ceases to be a member of the Association without entitlement to refund to registration monies paid.

(10) Persons expelled from the Association will not be eligible to reapply for membership at any time, except with the consent of the Committee.

Incidents at the Big Six, 15 September 2019

Following the incidents which occurred at the Club race on 15 September, your committee acted according to the Club constitution, Section 31.

The matter was investigated by your committee and found that three members had breached the club Code of Conduct.

As a result, one member had his Club membership suspended for six months and the other two were expelled from the Club.

The member suspended and one of the two expelled have, according to the constitution, asked the Committee to call a Special General Meeting to which they wish to appeal their sanctions.

Please note that the third member has until October 17 to lodge a requisition to appeal, also.

Consequently, you are advised:

Notice of Special General Meeting

Professional Cross Country Club Inc. has called a Special General Meeting at 7.00 pm, Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 at the Ulverstone Surf Lifesaving Club. Agenda: Suspension and/or Expulsion of Members as outlined in the PCCCT Inc. Constitution. Attendance at the Special General Meeting is open to life members and all current members of the PCCCT Inc. 

Rod Viney Secretary

Please see Section 31, paragraph 7 of the Club constitution for information on how the meeting will be conducted.

Your committee would like all current members and life members who are able to attend, to do so.