12 questions with…….John Saltmarsh

12 questions with…….John Saltmarsh

1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?
I had 3 runs with the club in 1999. In 2010 I re-joined the club and have consistently competed in runs since then

2. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
I initially became interested in running after giving away playing footy for a while and becoming a boundary umpire with the NWFU for two seasons. Along with a couple of mates, Michael Wilson and Paul Catlin, we decided we would have a crack at Point to Pinnacle. At the same time we were also competing in Masters Rowing. Michael in particular was a pretty hard task-master and as a result we trained extremely hard and I probably got as fit as I have ever been at the age of 48. Besides greatly improving my health, running has enabled me to meet a lot of great people, many whom I now regard as very good friends. Running has also enabled me to compete in events all over Tasmania and Interstate.

3. Your favourite club races?
Toss up between the Ironman and the Half Marathon (which I controversially won in my first run back with the club in 2010). Like so many other members who have certain races they always seem to do better in no matter how bad their form has been leading up to them, these two races have been kind to me over the past 10 years. Don’t think the Ironman will ever be as kind to me, though, as it has been to one of my training partners, Kim Steven, who has won it three times.

4. Do you have any goals post COVID-19 that you would like to achieve?
Lose some of the bloody weight I have put on over the past 4 months!

5. Your favourite spot locally you like to run?
A group of us from Ulverstone over the past year have run a few times a track at Forth called Lucy’s Track which I love. Also enjoy our Pickett’s Road loop we often do.

6. You are kept busy running a business, is it a challenge to fit your running in?
The challenge is to stay motivated. A few of us try and meet at set times for 2-3 sessions a week. Knowing they are waiting for me makes me get away from work to go for a run otherwise I probably wouldn’t.

7. Running tips?
Don’t just rely on running for your training. You need to do some core strength work. Also a few of us took up Yoga a year ago and that has also helped all of us in our running.

8. Do you have a running partner/group?
Yes. Have regular runs with Kim Steven, Peter Snare, Adrian Lakeland and Nigel Baptist. During the season Matt Greenhill and Dallas Van Rooyen also join us for sessions at the Ulverstone Showgrounds. Over the past four Gone Nuts 101 events we have also had James Roberts – Thomson join Kim, Peter and I in the teams event. We are known as the Hasbeens and I believe we are the only team that has competed at all four events with the same members who have all had a crack at each of the four legs over the journey.

9. Any other interests/sports?
I have discovered Mountain Bike riding which I love, although the falls aren’t so great. I am also a bit of a gardening fanatic although you wouldn’t think so to look at the gardens at present. We have an acre block so it takes a fair bit of time to keep the gardens up to scratch but I love it and find it a great stress reliever. I have always been a follower of Horse Racing and have a punt most Saturdays. I have also had a part ownership of several racehorses. Enthusiastic watcher of many sports including AFL, Car Racing and Cricket

10. What is your most memorable running experience? Probably the first time I ran in the Melbourne Marathon. Although I was in a world of hurt, running through the famous tunnel out on to the “G” is something I will also remember. The crowd support along the route is also fantastic. Great race. Have done it four times

11. You couldn’t live without?
If I don’t say my wife; Carol, I may live to regret it. I also couldn’t go without socialising with friends and family and enjoying great food, wine and beer (craft in particular).

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know Not really sure. Perhaps that I lived in Mackay, Qld for several years in the 80s before, like so many Tasmanians, I returned back to home base in 1989 where in partnership with Clayton Williams we established an accountancy practice in Ulverstone.

(Kelly and Rod)

12 questions with………Darlene Jacques

1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?
I started with PCCCT in 2017.

2. Your favourite race courses?
I do like the Feature Race, running along the highway into Burnie is amazing, also Fernglade, I am really enjoying trail running.

3. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
I use to run cross country and long distances at school many moons ago. 3.5 years ago I started a sport and it needed some running in it and I spoke to Mark St John & Scott Pinky Murphy and they gave me some tips.So next thing I was signing up for my first Burnie 5km, It certainly has changed my world, it gives you so much pride for yourself as I wouldn’t have ever thought at the age off 47 I would be running 3 to 4 days a week, plus the amazing people i have met along the way.

4. What have you enjoyed about being a member of the club?
Friendships & bringing new ideas into the club, I find you need to listen to your members and try new things as our world is changing so much and we need to keep moving forward. I have really enjoyed being on the committee the last 2.5 years and hope to keep helping when ever i can.

5. You normally run with the Devonport group. How have you stayed motivated without them?
During this COVID-19 pandemic its been very hard to stay motivated due to long hours delivering parcels and working 6.5 days a week but I just sent a few runners a message and we would meet up in Ulverstone and we would head out for 40 mins. I did a lot of strength work at home and walked after work, it’s a lot different running on your own than running with the Devonport /Ulverstone groups, but it is nice to be back to running with the groups.

6. What is your most memorable running experience?
I would say finishing Gone Nuts 50km in 2019 in the 28 degree day we had, I really didn’t think I was going to get to the finish line but determination got me there. And running my first Marathon at Great Ocean Rd in May 2019

7. Do you have any running goals for the next 12 months?
I would love to do another marathon and I would really love to head to White Haven Beach to do a half on the sand.

8. Other sports/interests?
Relaxing down the East Cost at my holiday home, fishing and making those cupcakes everyone enjoys

9. Who are some of your role models in running?
I would say Rebecca de Groot. The first Runphoria run I turned up to she made this social runner so welcome. Also Bronty, Gosso & Brian Lyons – if you ever need a question answered they will help you in any way they can.

10. What do you hope to achieve from running?
To stay healthy and improve along the way and enjoy the experience it gives you .

11. If you could run in any running event, which one would you compete in?
I would love to do The Outback Marathon in Alice Springs but I don’t enjoy running in the heat.

12. What is something about you most people don’t know?
I am not a very good sea traveller, I only have to watch a video of my eldest son, Matty, on the patrol boats in Cairns and I get sea sick, so no boat travels here.

12 Questions with………Sven Mason

12 questions with………Sven Mason

1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?

I’ve been a member for around 12 years. I suffered a few lower back and hip injuries and walking wasn’t doing it for me so I decided to start running. It nearly killed me.

2. Which club race/ races have you won?

I won the two lapper 5k at Ulverstone, Gunns Plains and last year the Don 7k.

3. What do you like about being a part of the PCCCT?

I like the social side of it and the competitive side. I like to secretly test myself against others who are running a similar pace.

4. You have battled with injuries. What cross training do you do when you are unable to run?

To be honest, walking and rest. That’s it. I try not to overdo it with the junk food if I can’t run.

5. Favourite spots locally you like to run? I generally run the coastal pathways. Once COVID is over I’ll get a bit further afield. I have some unusual places I plan to run during the year. I also like to run around in the mountains, especially up at Cradle.

6. You completed a marathon this year.

Any plans for the next one? That was a bit of fun that marathon. 17.5 laps of the Burnie parkrun course just to see how far I could go. I did plan on doing the PCCCT marathon but ended up doing a charity run instead.

7. Your most memorable run?

It would have to be the 2012 Feature Race, crossing the finish line dead level with Gerard Lowry. People still talk about it. Even though I came second, I treat it like a win. I’d never run so far at that pace for so long. I’d planned to try and place around 20-25th.

8. What has running given you?

Heaps of new friends and acquaintances. I’m certainly fitter (and sorer) but I get a real buzz out of pushing myself, either speed wise or with distance.

9. Do you have a running partner/ group you train with?

I generally run alone or do a few runs with a workmate. Hopefully our Wednesday and Friday Solemates sessions will start up again soon.

10. Who are some of your role models in running?

Anyone who puts in the effort and/or has a crack. I do follow the Meercroft Group on Strava and what they do inspires me.

11. Other interests/sports?

I do a fair bit of bushwalking, photography and have had a new hobby for the last couple of months building Viking type axes.

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?

I got quite bad frostbite on my feet at around 20,000 feet on Denali in Alaska. My feet still get cold even in summer.

12 questions with……Hayden Bishop

  1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?

My first race was in Penguin in 2016, first full season in 2017.

2. How did you get into running?

Through my father in-law, Greg Smith. A condition of a trip to the Gold Coast was that everyone had to do a race at the Gold Coast Marathon in 2016. So, I entered the 5.7km race. After that, I was hooked.

3. We have some great running spots on the NW. Where are some of your favourite?

I tend to spend most of my time on the Coastal Pathway around Devonport. We are very lucky to have beautiful tracks to run on around Devonport which is something I take for granted sometimes.

4. What have you enjoyed about being in the club?

The friendly but competitive atmosphere has helped me push myself to achieve the most out of my running. The social aspect is also a highlight and I look forward to attending every run.

5. You are known for your banter in the Devonport running community. Who else gives just as much?

This is a view of others that I’ve only just become aware of! I usually speak without thinking, which will probably get me in trouble one day. I’ve always thought that other members of the Meercroft Crew have had top banter, guys like Bryan Tuit, Evan Brett, Ben Brockman, the list goes on! Natasha Mapley also has some top responses to the garbage I spew out on most of our runs.

6. You recently achieved a half marathon pb, what is your next goal?

Currently resetting and having a rest to heal a recurring knee injury, but I’m ready for another crack at a marathon. Would love to run sub-3 hours, with an even or negative split.

7. Running tips?

Consistency. Try to keep a consistent schedule if you want to see results.

Learn to hurt. Want that race result or PB you’re chasing? It’ll hurt. Push through the pain, it’s worth it.

Training partner/crew. Find a friend, or a group to train with. It makes it so much easier to rock up to training with mates, and they help push you and make you a better runner.

8. You train with the Meercroft crew. Does this help keep you motivated?

I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without that crew. I sometimes struggle for motivation, but as soon as I rock up for training, I feel motivated. An awesome bunch of guys and girls that push each other and thrive for improvement. It’s great to finally train together again.

9. Do you have any races planned for 2021?

As I said earlier, I’d love another crack at a Marathon. The way things currently are, that probably won’t be until next year. Mountain Classic, Ironman, Half Marathon and Feature Race are also other races I like to get good results in. Point to Pinnacle is also an annual trip for me, I love that race.

10. Other sports/hobbies

I always tell people there is a reason I run, because I’m absolutely useless at any other sports. I have dabbled in Triathalon, but I can’t swim to save my life. Don’t really have any other hobbies, running keeps me pretty busy in my spare time.

11. You couldn’t live without?

Typical soppy answer, but my wife April. She is my rock and does nothing but support me. Even when I get up at stupid o’clock every morning to go for a run (though she does yell at me to turn the lights off).

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?

I was so far removed from sports in school. I was your typical computer nerd, hiding in the computer room at lunch time and not interested in exercise at all. I did play hockey and only started because the team got pizza for lunch one day at school. I’m still a nerd at heart though.

Twelve Questions with………Dale Lancaster

1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?
Joined 1988, 2020 would be 32 years (if we get going)

2. Which races have you previously won?
Paine Family 10k , Johnson Stowport 10k – twice, IronMan 25k, Wivenhoe 5k, Spreyton Cider 5k.

3. Do you have a running partner or group you train with?
I have had quite a few running partners over the years, Kaye Madden being the first.
Numerous training groups, including a Monday night run from Toyota at Cooee for many years which was great fun, especially when we ran through the picket lines on the footpath at the Paper Mill.
Sole Mates is my latest group to run with.

4. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
Initially started running with Kaye to keep fit for Netball.
Lots of friendships over the years, some are still about, others have pulled up stumps, and of course fitness.

5. The longest run you have completed?
Distance wise – The Overland Track 80k – ‘The Cradle Mountain Run’ many times.
Time wise I more recently completed a couple of 24 hour Rogaines.

6. Who are some of your role models in running?
Local role models would be Lloyd Febey and Ken Williams for encouraging me to join PCCCT.
I loved watching Rob de Castella and Steve Monaghetti race.

7. You have seen a lot of change over the years within the club, what are some of the positive changes?
When I first joined there were only a couple of women running, but over the years the numbers have grown and we now represent a greater proportion.
The Website and FaceBook keeping members in touch.

8. Running tips?
Keep running while you can as who knows what tomorrow will bring.

9. You hold the highest runs completed by a female with the club, what has kept you motivated over the years? Friendships, running with the Club is motivation to stay fit, it doesn’t get any easier as I get older.

10. Other interests/sports?
I have played badminton and netball, I am still playing squash (post COVID-19 hopefully).
I like to travel, I don’t do it enough I would like to get to South America for a trek before I get too old.

11. Your most memorable run?
Running in a Three Peaks Race is pretty special. Most memorable I think was coming 5th and 1st Novice at the Stanley race in my second year of running.

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
I was born in New Zealand and I’m a redhead 🙂 (There are a few in the Club who would know this)
And one more run to do to get a 700 badge – hopefully this year.

12 questions with…..Gerard (Spook) Leary

1. How long have you been a member of PCCCT?

I started having the occasional run with the club in the late 1970s while I was still playing football. So about 40 years. I’ve only averaged about ten runs a year – I’ve probably been to as many races as an official as runs I’ve had.

2. Which races have you previously won?
10km Latrobe
17.6km Feature Race
8km Stowport
25km Forth Ironman

3. Do you have a running partner or group you train with?
The last 15 years I have trained with Mark & Lyn Saint-John and Judy Ray three mornings a week. A few years ago I and John Saltmarsh used to get a few long runs in.

4. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
I’ve always been a runner from school days. I’m more of a sprinter/middle distance runner. I ran at TAL carnivals for over twenty years 70m up to 400m. Ted Eagling was my coach for fourteen years.

5. Your favourite race courses?
I always enjoy the trip to Stanley for the 8km race. Also the 25 km Ironman and 16.5km Burnie-Ridgley races when I’ve been fit enough to run them without nearly killing myself.

6. Who are some of your role models in running?
I’ve always admired Mick McKenna, Leigh Taylor and Viv Woodward – three great champions of the club. There have been plenty of others. Greg Smith is a great example of someone who is an elite runner for his age and competes to his maximum every time. I’m impressed by the longevity of Barry Ling and Ray Spinks – over 1000 races is an amazing effort. Ken Williams is pretty amazing as well, he wasn’t young when he started with the club. Of course Barry’s contribution to the club for over 50 years has been outstanding.

7. You have seen a lot of change over the years within the club, what are some of your memorable changes?
The biggest change I’ve seen has been the increase in female participation. When I started with the club there was only one regular female competitor, Ann Ketelaar. Ann was a real trailblazer and great competitor. Without the growth in female membership the club would have struggled to survive financially.

8. Running tips?
Some days you may not feel like running, but go any rate, you always feel better after you run. Enjoy the times when you are running injury free because it isn’t going to last.

9. If you could pick any running event in the world to enter which one would you pick?
I suppose it would have to be one of the big international marathons – New York, London or Boston.

10. Other interests/sports?
I played a lot of sports into my early thirties, mainly football and cricket. I’ve been involved in sports administration for the last 30 years.

11. Your most memorable run?
It would have to be the 1987 Feature Race – probably the only time I was fully fit for distance running. I was obsessive with my training in the 12 months leading up to the race.

12. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
In 1971 during my University days, I was the joint world record holder for egg throwing – I was the catcher. We only went in it to try and win a 5 gallon barrel of beer. It was organised by the Old Nick Company as a fundraiser. They didn’t raise enough money so we never got the barrel. I’m still not happy about it.

12 Questions with……….Greg Smith

1. How long have you been running with the club?

Started running with the club in 1992, so this year would be the 29th year if we get to start at all.

2. You have seen a few course changes over the years. What are some of your favourite?
My favourite course by far is the 25km Ironman course in the Forth Valley.I also liked the Marathon course we had in the early 2000s which started at the Ulverstone Football Ground, headed to Forth and comprised 3 x 10km loops before heading back to the football ground to finish. This course produced my quickest Marathon time of 2hrs 41 mins.

3. How did you get into running and what has it given you?
I got into running after doing duathlons and some triathlons in my mid to late 20s and soon realised I was hopeless at swimming, Okay on the bike and above average on the run so it was a pretty easy decision in the end. Running has given me a passion that I will always treasure and a chance to meet so many wonderful people.

4. You train with the Meercroft group, how have you stayed motivated without them during COVID-19?
The Meercroft Crew are an amazing group of runners and friends and we still keep in touch through social media. There is always great banter happening and Hayden Bishop, Natasha Mapley and myself have a morning crew where we have a rotating roster of 2 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. I’m the slow runner of the 3 of us.

5. What pleases you the most with running?
I get so much enjoyment out of younger runners who show determination and dedication.I’m a bit biased but the Morning Crew of Hayden (Son-In-Law) and Natasha Mapley (Tash) are two fine examples. Hayden has improved so much in the last two years and has a bright future and Tash is so focused and determined. She has that never-say-die attitude that will take her a long way in her running career.

6. Your favourite spot locally you like to run?
My favourite run is the Devonport/Miandetta Loop which is roughly 14km with a bit of everything.
My number 1 run is definitely the Ironman course in the Forth Valley.

7. Some of the reasons that you like being a part of the PCCCT Club?
This is an easy question to answer. The club has been a huge part of my life and I have met many great runners and have gained many special friendships along the way. I have the utmost respect for people like Barry Ling who has been the heart and soul of the club since its formation. There is also the great Devonport/Burnie rivalry which always draws healthy contests no matter the race and then there is the handicapping. No one loves the handicapper (Hi Pat).

8. What is your most memorable running experience?
My most memorable running experience was finishing in front of the great Dave Chettle (my role model) in the Shearwater Fun Run many many years ago. it still brings a smile to my face thinking about it now. Running the Host City Marathon in Sydney as the test event for the Sydney Olympics 2000 was an unbelievable experience with 5 800 marathoners and to win 3 Ironmans, 2 Marathons and 2 Half Marathons with the Club is so special to me.

9. Running tips?
Enjoy the journey, Don’t take it too seriously and control what you can control and improvement will come. My first coach said to me if you’re hurting in a race, so is everyone else as well but if you want to win you have to hurt twice as much.

10. Who are some of your role models in running?
I have 2 role models in running and they are Dave Chettle and Viv Woodward (my first running coach). Both were great Devonport athletes and special people as well. I feel very fortunate to have been under Woody’s guidance and catch up with Chet usually along the walking track for a tip or two.

11. What is something about you most people wouldn’t Know?
I come from a large family of 11 children and life was a struggle for Mum as a single parent to raise us the best she could and keep food on the table, but she did and for that l am truly grateful.

12. If you could holiday anywhere, would you go and what would you do?
I love Australia and it has never interested me to go anywhere overseas.We live in the best place in the world anyway.

Twelve Questions with…… Nick Young.

1 Your favourite 2 club races

My 2 favourite club races are Gunns Plains 13.5 km and Stanley 8km. I love the openness of the courses and that you can see the runners ahead of you.

2 Which club races have you won?
I have won two club races, 7km at Heybridge in 2013 and 5km at Cooee in 2015. I haven’t won in over 100 starts since!

3 Running tips
Listen to your body, don’t overtrain and take a break occasionally. Do your long runs slowly and running hills will get you fit. It’s meant to be fun, so enjoy it.

4 Longest distance you have run
I guess that my longest run is 14 080 km as I recently finished Run Down Under, a virtual run around Australia. My longest individual runs have been marathons. I have done five.

5 Do you have a training partner/group?
I sometimes run with the Sole Mates group in Burnie, but I’ll run with pretty much anyone around my pace and ability. Sven and Karina Mason and I have run together a lot over the last 7 or 8 years.

6 Your favourite local places to run
I run the Ulverstone pathway a lot, but I do like to run on grass and train on the East Ulverstone football ground a bit.

7 Do you have a post ISO running goal?
Post ISO I would like to get to 200 club runs without breaking down! I will keep running as long as I am able to, and would like to do a bit more coaching as well.

8 Other interests/sports
I don’t currently compete in any other sports but like cycling and swimming.

9 Most memorable running experience
My most memorable running experience would have to be finishing my first Point to Pinnacle in a blizzard. I was totally underprepared for the conditions and it was below freezing, with howling wind and sleet for the last 3 km. I was shivering so much I couldn’t get my bag open to get dry clothes out. Luckily someone helped me and lent me a warm jacket otherwise I would have been in real trouble. And yes, I went back and ran it again!

10 When did you start running and what inspired you to start?
I started running in 2010. I hadn’t run competitively since school, where I only ran middle distance. I had been cycling and swimming to get fit after a back injury, and thought I would try jogging to mix it up a bit. I soon realised that I just loved running and like all newbies I was over enthusiastic and read everything about running, entered every event on the calendar, talked constantly about running and ran whenever I got the chance.

11 What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
I can’t stand the colour purple.

12 If you could holiday anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?
I recently bought a camper van and Jan and I postponed a trip to the mainland touring when the pandemic struck. A camper van touring holiday is still what I’d like to do.

Twelve questions with………Cobie Walker.

1. Your 2 favourite club races?

My two favourites would have to be the Mountain Classic from Burnie to Ridgley and the Paine 10km Memorial. I enjoy hills more than flat running.

2. Which club race/races have you won?
The Stanley 8 km, Spinks/CRC 12 km at Somerset and also the Paine 10 km at Burnie.

3. Your running tips?
I’m certainly no expert but recovery is just as important as training.

4. Do you have a preference of running road or trails?
The last few years i have really enjoyed trail running.

5. The longest distance you have run.
The Gone Nuts 101

6. Your favourite spot locally you like to run?
The Dial Range and also the Rocky Cape National Park

7. Other interests/sports.
Just running

8. What is your most memorable running experience?
Finishing the Gone Nuts 101 with family and friends supporting me.

9. When did you start running and what inspired you to start?
I started in 2012. My Dad got me started after he also got back into running. I was struggling with some health issues and am really grateful for him getting me started and for what running has done for me.

10. Has isolation affected your motivation to run.
No not really, My motivation was already low after struggling with some niggles after the Gone Nuts 50 km this year.

11. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
I used to be a pack a day smoker.

12. If you could holiday anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?
Antarctica, I think it would be great to experience how people live, work and survive there.
(Kelly and Rod)

Twelve questions with………Anna Murton.

1. Your 2 favourite club races.

My two favourite races are Stanley 8km and the half marathon.

2. Which club race/races have you won?
I have won the half marathon and the Molly Malones 6km at Devonport.

3. Your running tips
Thomas always tells me to lift my knees.

4. Do you prefer running road or trail?
I prefer road running.

5. Do you have a training partner/group?
My training partners are my father David and Andrew.

6. Your favourite spot locally you like to run
I enjoying running the river track in Wynyard and along the Wynyard foreshore.

7. Do you have any running goals when things get back to normality?
When things get back to normal I’d like to have another go at the 25km Gone Nuts course.

8. What is the longest distance you have run?
The longest distance I have run is the PCCCT club marathon.

9. Other interests/sports
Other sports I enjoy are horse riding and triathlons. Other interests away from sport are my pet dog, cats, rabbits and chooks.

10. When did you start running with the club?
I started running with the PCCCT in 2012 a week after my brother Thomas began and the same time as my father David.

11. What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
When I was little I really wanted to be a jump rope for heart demonstration girl.

12. If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?
I’d like to check out Antarctica. I think It would be lovely to check out the wildlife.

(Kelly and Rod)