Burnie: The Wilkinson Pharmacy 6km


The next race in the PCCCT season is another of the popular off-road trail runs when members will meet at Fernglade for The Wilkinson’s Pharmacy six kilometre handicap.

The course starts at the Pony Club grounds and consists of a circuit in Fernglade followed by another in the vicinity of the grounds.

With all the wet weather of recent days, there are sure to be many muddy, slippery patches to test the sure-footedness of competitors.

It will be interesting to see how those who completed the marathon last Sunday back up for this shorter event. A runner who didn’t run last week and who looks perfectly suited here is Isaac Troughton.

Very capable over all distances, Troughton particularly enjoys off-road conditions and the hills will also be to his liking. He has several placings this year, the latest  being at Penguin over similar terrain when he was a very close second. In addition, he was third in this race last year.

Young runners, Josh Febey and Andrew Bates, also look well suited and wins for both are overdue. Febey in particular has had several placings and a win would be well deserved.

Other chances look to be Hayden Bishop, Amie Bramich and Anna Murton. If there is to be surprise, it could come from Michelle d’Monte or Ellen Elphinstone.

Entries will close at the normal time of 9:30, with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be conducted at 9:05.

Ulverstone: The Greg and Dianne Woodhouse Marathon 42.195km and Rod and Judith Priestly 5km

The PCCCT marathon is the longest-running continuously conducted marathon in Australia and the 2019 version will be held this Sunday. It is also unique in that it is a handicapped race.

The Greg and Dianne Woodhouse marathon runs from River Park, Ulverstone to Turners Beach and back twice and is a wonderful test of fitness and character.

Entries have closed, and a small, but quality field will start the event with almost every runner in with a chance of victory. The go-marker, Hobart runner Wendy Meadowcroft, will set off at 7:00am with Kyle Groenewege last to leave 1 hour 45 minutes later.

Second backmarker, Matthew Atkins, looks one of the strongest chances. He specialises at this distance and in the last two runnings of this event he has been second and fifth. He would be a very deserving winner.

Chris Talbot and Shane Hansen are others who can run all day while Karina Mason has been in great form and will have set herself for this event. She will have exactly an hour start on Atkins.

Teresa Seaman and Michelle Chopping are also coming from Hobart for the race so must be respected.

The Rod and Judith Priestly five kilometre handicap will be run at 10:30 for those not attempting the marathon. Entries for this will close at 10:00. The winner of this race could come from an in-form group of woman runners – Liz Murton, Lorraine Shepheard, Judy Ray and Michelle d’Monte.

 A nominated time event will be held at 9:45.

Marathon handicaps:

Wendy Meadowcroft               00:00
Karina Mason.                        37:00
Gerard Leary.                         37:00
Christopher Talbot.                 37.00
Kelly Baxter.                           43:00
Vicky Knapman.                     55.00
Shane Hanson.                   1:12:00
Paul Birch.                          1:12:00
Teresa Seaman.                 1:12:00
Michelle Chopping.            1:12:00
Ethan Butler.                      1: 20:00
Daniel Summers.               1: 20:00
Matthew Atkins.                 1:37:00                                                                                      Kyle Groenewege.             1:45:00


Stanley: The WT House Betta Home Living “Steve Hanson Memorial” “Ace of the Greenhills” 8km

The PCCCT heads to Stanley this week for the WT House Betta Home Living “Steve Hanson Memorial” eight kilometre handicap, another of the club’s “blue ribbon events”.

The course has a short testing hill early on but then competitors are rewarded with a great run along the Green Hills before descending with views of The Nut followed by travelling along the main street before returning to the start at the Stanley Oval.

As for every race recently, there are many runners who could easily break the tape, but one of the stronger chances looks to be Dallas van Rooyen who should start this race with fresh legs.

Van Rooyen’s last PCCCT start saw him just outside “the ten” at Wynyard, but the best pointer to his chances is his strong finish into third over a tough course at Penguin early in May. He also had some promising runs earlier in the year and this distance and course look perfect for him

Several runners have been consistently in “the ten” and will be top chances. Andrew Rolls has had a string of placings while Josh Febey has looked a coming winner all season. Karina Mason and Amie Bramich, both very improved runners, weren’t far away at Devonport in the last race and would not surprise.

The event starts at the later time of 10:30 with entries closing at 10:00. New runners are welcome.

 A nominated time event will be held at 9:45.

Runners are reminded that entries close this Sunday for the following week’s Marathon.

Devonport: The Physiotas/Meercroft Crew “City of Devonport” 10 km

The next “blue-ribbon” event in the PCCCT season is to be held this Sunday.

It is the Physiotas/Meercroft Crew City of Devonport 10 kilometre handicap which starts at Devonport’s Bluff Beach and uses the foreshore path and tracks in the Don Reserve.

Wins in this event are much sought after due to its history and prestige and it will be hotly contested, especially given the increased prizemoney this year.

The Meercroft Crew, a joint sponsor, is a group of runners meet for training at Meercroft Park and run with the Club. No doubt one of them would love to win and Bryan Tuit, Evan Brett and Haydon Bishop will be three of the strong chances. Bishop, in particular, has been in sparkling form.

However, the favourite for the race should be the very fit, Andrew Rolls, who has had several placings this year without breaking through. He was an excellent third in the Mountain Classic two weeks ago before a narrow defeat into second last week at Wynyard. Everything looks suitable for him on Sunday.

Other hopes look to be Dallas van Rooyen, Anna Murton and Lyn Saint-John while a strong effort from Michael Bates would not surprise.

If there was to be a surprise winner, it could be Richard Lawson who is improving with each run.

The event starts at 10:00 with nominations closing at 9:30. New runners are always welcome.

 Nominated time events will be held at 9:05.

Wynyard: The Findex (formerly Crowe Horwath) 8km

This Sunday members have the chance to run on a mostly new, scenic course at Wynyard with the staging of the Findex (formerly Crowe Horwath) eight km handicap.

The race will still start and finish at the Wynyard Showgrounds and will use tracks beside the Inglis River, so no road running will be needed.

Those who ran the tough Mountain Classic last Sunday will enjoy the flatter, shorter race.

One runner who will love the distance, and always does well on trail courses, is Aaron Robertson.

Robertson ran a solid “Classic” to finish in the top twenty, but in previous weeks had finished much closer to the front and provided he has pulled up well from that event will be a big chance. Two weeks ago he was fifth at Penguin and also impressed with his seventh the week before at Ridgley.

Terry Watson looked a likely winner for much of last week’s race before finishing fifth and is another who is close to a win. It could be here.

Josh Febey will appreciate this distance and has been in great form all season, while other possibilities are Kelly Baxter, Ewen Troughton and Tim Dowling. If it turns out to be a frontmarkers’ race then Ken Williams and Ros Hendriks could take the win.

Members are reminded to wear both their timing chips and chest numbers and to register by 9:30 with a 10:00 start. New runners are always welcome.

Nominated time events will be held at 9:05.

Burnie-Ridgley: The High on Penguin “Mountain Classic” 16.5km

Mountain Classic handicaps -24

The first of the season’s “blue ribbon” events occurs this Sunday with the running of the time-honoured High on Penguin Mountain Classic.

The course is a tough16.5km from Burnie Park. It travels via West Park Grove, Mooreville and West Mooreville Roads to the finish at Ridgley. It is mostly uphill and members look forward to this event to test their fitness and resolve.

The winner is usually a runner who doesn’t necessarily have a fast pace but rather stamina and the determination to keep pushing hard.

One who fits the bill is David Murton. He is proven over longer distances and is in good form. His best recent placing was a sixth at Don but this will suit him much better than the 7km of that event.

Amie Bramich won two races last year but will be a top chance as she has further improved. She has been recording fantastic times and a win would not surprise.

Brian Lyons will be the last away but he will love the distance and hills and would be a deserving winner. The other backmarkers, Evan Brett and Thomas Murton also look to be top chances, while Aaron Robertson, Andrew Rolls, Terry Watson and Josh Febey cannot ruled out as each is nearing a win and it could be here.

Entries have closed and the first runner will be away at 9:30.

Runners are reminded to wear timing chips and chest numbers.

There will be no nominated time events this week..

Penguin: The Greg and Darlene Jacques Parcel Contracting 5km at Penguin

The PCCCT goes “off the beaten track” this Sunday with the running of the Greg and Darlene Jacques Parcel Contracting five kilometres at Penguin..

The event will start and finish at the Penguin Motocross complex at Dial Road and be run in the bush in the vicinity. With the expected rain this week, there are bound to be plenty of puddles and slippery paths to be negotiated.

Some runners love these conditions and throw caution to the wind while others go steady and take great care with their footing.

Picking a winner here is not easy, however one runner who is getting back to his best is Hayden Bishop.

After taking up running, Bishop made rapid improvement until an injury last year set him back. But with solid training he has returned to great form, as his recent starts show.

His main danger could be Aaron Robertson, who is another who is proven in the conditions which are likely to prevail. He certainly has the class and fitness to give it a shake.

Other runners in form who will be chances are Simon Gates, John Badcock, Amie Bramich and Mollie Powell.

Members are reminded that entries close this Sunday for the following week’s Burnie to Ridgley Mountain Classic.

Entries close at 9:30 ready for a 10:00 start and new runners are always welcome.

Nominated time events will be held at 9:05.

Stowport: MA and LJ Bates Plumbing 9km

The longest race of the season to date awaits runners this week when they head to Stowport for the MA and LJ Bates Plumbing 9km handicap.

A new course will be used this year due to the previous circuit having traffic risks at the start/finish.

The race will be conducted over an out and back course, starting at the Stowport Cricket Ground.

The outward leg will contain hills but the payoff will come with the mainly downhill run back from the turn.

Middle and back markers should be best suited and the extra toughness and distance from recent races could provide a surprise result.

One runner who has been in great form and will be well suited, and so wouldn’t surprise, is Thomas Murton who is likely to start from the very back mark and will have to pass every other starter. Murton certainly has the ability to do this and is in form with recent results including a second at Port Sorell and fourths at Devonport and Cooee.

The biggest dangers could well be his sister Anna and father, David, who have both been in great form. A Murton trifecta is not out of the question and would surely be a first for the club.

Others with strong chances include Dallas van Rooyen, Michael Purton and Caroline Brett

Entries will close at 9:30 with the race commencing at 10:00.

Nominated time events will be held at 9:05.

Cooee: Dowling McCarthy Tyres 7km

The Professional Cross Country Club of Tasmania travels to Cooee this week for the running of the Dowling and McCarthy Tyres five kilometre handicap.

The interesting out-and-back course which starts at the Cooee Hall, has a short, sharp climb to the turn and traverses roads, paths and grass areas.

With four events now completed this year, several runners have been consistently close-up and will likely break through soon.

One of those is Joshua Febey, who won this event last year, proving his liking for the course and distance. He has continued to improve, as young runners can, and is now very capable of winning again off his revised mark.

Andrew Rolls was a great second last week at Don, finishing slightly in front of Febey and will be his biggest threat.  He also recorded a high placing at his only other start this season.

Roselyn Hendriks was close to a win last year and showed this year she is on track for a win soon and it could well be on Sunday. She finished fourth in the front markers event at Devonport and is well suited by the five kilometre distance. Off a front mark she will prove hard to catch.

Others who would not surprise with a victory are John Badcock, Terry Watson, David Murton and Kelly Baxter.

Nominated time events will be held at 9:05

Don: Cradle Coast Sports and Events 7km

This Sunday members are able to enjoy the tracks in the Don Reserve as they compete in the Cradle Coast Sports and Event seven kilometre handicap.

The race starts at finishes at the Don Cricket Ground and heads out and back to the river before taking runners on a loop through the bush below the pool.

After three events this year, many runners have shown excellent form and the race will be very competitive.

However, the favourite to break the ribbon could very well be John Badcock, “the flying farmer”. A win would be very well deserved, as Badcock has worked hard to regain fitness after a bad fall from a bike during a race just over a year ago. His form this year has been excellent as he backed up from a close fourth two weeks ago with a great run over a shorter distance last week.

Marcus Cook ran a great race at Port Sorell and will be hard to beat. Others with strong chances include Hayden Bishop, Kelly Baxter and Terry Watson.

Young Gun Thomas Murton is back in great form and a win would not surprise, even starting from the tightest of handicaps.

Runners are reminded to wear both their timing chips and chest numbers and to register by 9:30 with a 10:00 start for the race.

The nominated time events will be held at 9:05.