Gunns Plains: the Kevin Burn Memorial/Brown Family 13.5km


Gunns Plains is the venue of the Kevin Burn Memorial/Brown Family 13.5km handicap to be raced over a circuit course taking in both sides of the Leven River starting at Wings’ Wildlife Park.

With the Feature Race just two weeks away, members will be looking for a good strong hit out over this longer distance.

Club races run the last three weeks have all been won by women members and one of the best chances this week is also a woman who has shown the distance will suit her perfectly.

Although she was only eleventh in last week’s six kilometre event, Kelly Baxter was an excellent second in the recent half marathon showing she is extremely fit and ready to win. She will certainly look a likely victor at some stage of the run.

Terry Watson has impressed in recent races and could be the main danger following his second two weeks ago at Railton.

Others who look strong chances include Russell Horton, Andrew Hay, and the winner of this event last year, Amie Bramich. Although rehandicapped, Bramich has continued to improve and has looked a likely winner for some time.

Entries will close at 9:30, with the race starting at 10:00.

Entries for the Feature Race also close this Sunday and can be made at the race or on the PCCCT website.

A nominated time event will be conducted at 9:15.

Gowans Toyota Wynyard to Burnie Feature Race 17.6km


The Feature Race this year will be run on September 8. Entries close two weeks earlier at the end of Sunday 25th August.

Entries will be taken at the race at Gunns Plains this Sunday or you can enter now using this link:

Here is important information regarding the Feature Race. We ask you to read this carefully: Feature Race Details 2019

Calcutta books can be purchased at next week’s race and must be returned the following week. Please note: the draw (Tuesday Sep 3 7:00pm) and the auction (Friday Sep 6 7:30pm) will both take place at The Point – NOT at the Burnie SLSC as previously advised.

How does the Calcutta work? Find out here: Calcutta Rules

Devonport: The Molly Malone’s 6km

This Sunday’s race is the Molly Malone’s six kilometre handicap commencing at Roundhouse Park, Devonport. The course takes runners to the Bluff lighthouse and return via Victoria Parade and the Devonport Bluff.

With the Feature Race looming – just three weeks away – members will be looking for a sharp hit out, especially after the longer races of the last two weeks.

One of the most improved runners in the Club, Mary-Lou Troughton, could be the hardest to beat. She was a great third last week, her best result of the year. This distance and course will suit her admirably.

One of the backmarkers, Mark Saint-John also had a season best last week when he was a fast-closing fourth. He ran his fastest time ever for that event underlining his current fitness.

Terry Watson, Andrew Hay and Jason Scott have all been prominent in recent events and are strong possibilities while Dale Lancaster Is sure to win a race before the end of the season and it could well be here.

Others who wouldn’t surprise include Tony Stewart, Russell Horton and Amie Bramich.

The race will start at the normal time of 10:00 with entries closing at 9:30.

Nominated time events will be conducted at 9:15 and, in line with our new policy, 12, 13 and 14 year olds may have their nominated time run as part of the main event.

Railton: The Anvers Confectionery 10km

Railton is the venue for race 20 of the season as members compete in the Anvers Confectionery ten kilometre handicap.

The course is a circuit, starting at Goliath Park and is affectionately described as flat with one hill. However, that one hill, is a long and high one and presents a good challenge.

A runner who will love the course is Devonport athlete, Michelle D’Monte. The distance is perfect for her and she handles hills beautifully. She also is on sparkling form. She was runner-up three weeks ago over a similar course, and followed this with a very unlucky second at Spreyton. Last week she finished seventh in the half-marathon but this shorter race will suit her much better.

Kelly Baxter ran a great race for second in the half-marathon to go with other excellent recent efforts. She looks to be getting back to the form that she showed last year when she went close to winning without getting that well-deserved victory.

Terry Watson could be the best of the men. After missing much of the season due to injury he is now getting back to his best and will be looking to win soon. It could well be on Sunday.

Other good chances look to be Anna Murton, Amie Bramich, Andrew Hay and Ken Troughton (a previous winner of this event).

Entries will close at 9:30, with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be conducted at 9:15.

Turners Beach: The AJL Lifestyle/AJL Yamaha Half-Marathon 21.1km

Half Marathon Hcps 2019 (The runner not visible between pages is Jono Price 1:03:00)


A good field of fifty two will start this Sunday in the AJL Lifestyle/AJLYamaha half marathon.

The 21.1 kilometre race will be run in the reverse direction from recent years, starting at the Turners Beach football ground and taking competitors to West Ulverstone and back using the cycle/walk tracks in the area.

The terrain is mostly flat but the classic distance is a good test of stamina as that flatness usually means faster running rates so care is needed not to go too hard, too early.

There are many Club members who have been in great form and picking a winner is difficult.

Among the frontmarkers, Dale Lancaster could be the best chance. She will be the first runner away and could very well be the first runner to finish as well. Others starting early with great chances include Chris Talbot and Kelly Baxter with Mary-Lou Troughton an outside possibility.

Best of the middlemarkers look to be Michelle D’Monte and Andrew Hay. D’Monte looks a particularly strong chance with seconds in the last two races.

Backmarkers likely to be to the fore include Simon Gates, Hayden Bishop and Brad Taylor while the very backmarker, Brian Lyons, who will give seventy-one minutes start to Lancaster, would be a deserving winner.

Entries have closed for the event, which starts at the earlier time of 9:30.

The nominated time event will be the normal time of 9:15.



Spreyton: The Spreyton Cider Company 6km

One of the most popular events of the season takes place this week with the running of the Spreyton Cider Company handicap, this year extended to six kilometres. The race starts at the cidery and takes competitors on an out and back course through apple and cherry orchards.

Following the recent rain, there are sure to be plenty of puddles and slippery sections to test the footing of runners. However, most Club members love the chance to get off sealed surfaces and will enjoy the mud.

Two weeks ago in the five kilometre race at Burnie, Anna Murton was a close second (behind her father, David). She could well make amends on Sunday and chalk up another victory for the family.

Murton has had several other good results without breaking through, and will prove very hard to beat.

Michelle D’Monte showed a welcome return to form in a tough race last week with a close second and will be seeking to go one better.

Others to keep an eye on include Russell Horton, who has performed well in this event in previous years, Chris Talbot and Tony Stewart.

Members are reminded that entries close this Sunday for the half marathon conducted on August 4th, and can be made at the Cidery race or on-line before Monday.

New runners are always welcome.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be held at 9:15

Somerset: The Raymond Spinks/Coastal Running Club 12km

Race seventeen of the season takes members to Somerset for the Raymond Spinks/CRC twelve kilometre handicap.

The event starts and finishes at the Somerset soccer ground and commences with a four kilometre climb up the Murchison Highway to Village Lane, then continues on country roads until the final stretch along Cardigan Street.

The toughness and distance suits backmarkers and they win this race more often than not. One who is in great form and very close to a win is Ewen Troughton.

Troughton’s most recent start was last week when he was fifth over five kilometres and this followed a top effort in the Ironman (25 kilometres). He has had other recent top ten finishes in recent weeks, including a sixth at Burnie over a similar course. He is sure to prove the hardest to beat.

Simon Gates, Vicky Knapman and Lyn Saint-John are all top chances with Gates especially being well overdue for a victory.

Anna Murton was second behind her father, David, last week and will be very keen to go one better and record a victory before her upcoming trip to Europe.

If a frontmarker was to provide a surprise, it could come from Dale Lancaster who will lead for a long way and prove very hard to catch.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be held at 9:15

Burnie: The Fish Frenzy 5km at Burnie incorporating the 5km Club championships

NB: This will be a sealed handicap mass start event. All runners will start together and for the handicapped race handicaps will be applied to elapsed times to determine the placegetters.

Also 12, 13 and 14 year old nominated time runners may run in this event starting off at the rear of the field.

This week the PCCCT heads to Burnie for the Fish Frenzy five kilometre handicap and many members will relish the short event following the twenty-five kilometres of last week.

The course starts at West Beach and is an out and back course to Cooee, utilising the board walks and footpaths.

To make this event  more interesting, the committee has decided that it will be a mass start. The handicaps will be applied after the race to determine the winner and placegetters. The race also incorporates the Club’s five kilometre championships, so with all runners starting together, the winners of those, male and female, will be those first over the line.

The women’s competition should see a close contest between Lyn Saint-John, Natasha Mapley and Amie Bramich. The latter two had a great battle last week and after starting together were only separated by nine seconds. Brian Lyons and Thomas Murton look the strongest chances among the men although Brad Taylor will also be a contender.

The handicapped race could throw up a surprise winner. Among those who have shown good form recently and will be strong contenders are Mary-Lou Troughton, Tim Dowling, Michael Bates and Andrew Hay.

Entries close at 9:30 with the gun firing at 10:00. Members are reminded to wear their numbers and timing chips. New runners are always welcome and this would be a good race to commence running with the PCCCT.

 A nominated time event will be held at 9:15.

Forth: Burnie Trophy Centre/Troy Atkins Accounting “Ironman Classic” 25km

2019 Ironman Classic handicaps (Please note: Phil McConnon was omitted from the handicaps originally published).

The next event on the PCCCT calendar is the Burnie Trophy Centre/ Troy Atkins Accounting “Ironman Classic” at Forth.

One of the blue-ribbon events on the calendar, at twenty-five kilometres it is not as long as the marathon, but is considered by many as the toughest run of the year due to the extremely hilly terrain covered.

Starting at Forth it takes in a circuit in the Forth Valley comprising Wilmot and Paloona Roads to Melrose and return via Forthside Road.

The event best suits fit backmarkers who have proven records over these longer distances and there are three who could fight out the finish.

Hayden Bishop is in wonderful form and ran fourth in this event last year. Starting just behind him will be Ewen Troughton who has two top ten finishes in the last two weeks while Brad Taylor, will be very hard to hold off. He finished second in last year’s marathon and hasn’t managed a win since.

The second backmarker off 92 minutes is Brian Lyons who could also win without shocking.

Other top chances include Amie Bramich, who won two races last year but has improved further, while Chris Talbot will start towards the front of the field and be hard to catch.

Entries have closed with the first runner starting at 9:00.

 A nominated time event will be held at 9:15.


Burnie: The Paine Family Memorial (50th Anniversary) 10km

A tough task lies in wait for members his week as the PCCCT heads to Burnie for the Paine Family ten kilometre handicap.

Starting at the Burnie Council depot at Three Mile Line, runners complete a circuit course taking in the many hills of Mooreville and West Mooreville Roads.

Although challenging it is very popular and this year in particular will be well attended as the Club celebrates with the Paine Family as they sponsor this event for the fiftieth time – a remarkable achievement.

With the season now half completed, those runners who have been thereabouts but not able to break through for a win will be keen for a victory soon. Certainly most will now be at peak fitness.

Following her great second last week, Judy Ray will be a top chance. She has gradually been sneaking up in the placings and the tough course will pose no threats.

Ewen Troughton finished very strongly at Fernglade into fourth and the extra distance will suit him better. He will need to beat his brother, Isaac, who missed last week but has been in great form.

David Murton, a frontmarker who loves longer distances, will prove hard to catch and will lead faster runners a “merry dance”.

Others with strong chances are Josh Febey, Mary-Lou Troughton and Michelle D’Monte.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race starting at 10:00.

The nominated time “Feature Race” will be held at 9:15 with extra prizes provided by the Paine Family.