Burnie Trophy Centre/Troy Atkins Accounting “Ironman Classic”

The Burnie Trophy Centre/Troy Atkins Accounting “Ironman Classic” 25km at Forth will be run on July 7th. Entries are now being taken for this event and must be in before Monday July 1.

You can enter on Sunday June 30 at the Club race at Burnie or on-line by using the form below. If you have any issues, email pccctentries@gmail.com.

General race queries can be directed to me, Rod, at Rod63@bigpond.com.

The Club would like to thank Hayden Bishop for his work to enable on-line entries.

Ironman entry: http://bit.ly/pccctim19

Season Registration: http://bit.ly/pccctrego19


Burnie: The Paine Family Memorial (50th Anniversary) 10km

A tough task lies in wait for members his week as the PCCCT heads to Burnie for the Paine Family ten kilometre handicap.

Starting at the Burnie Council depot at Three Mile Line, runners complete a circuit course taking in the many hills of Mooreville and West Mooreville Roads.

Although challenging it is very popular and this year in particular will be well attended as the Club celebrates with the Paine Family as they sponsor this event for the fiftieth time – a remarkable achievement.

With the season now half completed, those runners who have been thereabouts but not able to break through for a win will be keen for a victory soon. Certainly most will now be at peak fitness.

Following her great second last week, Judy Ray will be a top chance. She has gradually been sneaking up in the placings and the tough course will pose no threats.

Ewen Troughton finished very strongly at Fernglade into fourth and the extra distance will suit him better. He will need to beat his brother, Isaac, who missed last week but has been in great form.

David Murton, a frontmarker who loves longer distances, will prove hard to catch and will lead faster runners a “merry dance”.

Others with strong chances are Josh Febey, Mary-Lou Troughton and Michelle D’Monte.

Entries close at 9:30 with the race starting at 10:00.

The nominated time “Feature Race” will be held at 9:15 with extra prizes provided by the Paine Family.

Race 13: The Wilkinson’s Pharmacy 6km handicap at Fernglade

Andrew B (June 19)

Race thirteen of the PCCCT season was the Wilkinson’s Pharmacy five kilometre handicap, a trail run which commenced at the pony club grounds at Fernglade and used paths in the area. The events the Club conducts on off-road courses are always popular and a large field lined up to enjoy the crisp, sunny conditions.

The race proved to be a close and exciting contest with sixteen runners finishing within a minute of the winner, so that at various stages during the running, many members looked the likely victor.

In the end, it was Stowport runner, Andrew Bates, who recorded a well-deserved win. Bates is one of a number of young talented members of the club who have come through the nominated time events and he was thrilled to break through after six years of competing in the handicapped races.

During those six years, Bates has run spasmodically due to football commitments on Saturdays. However, this year he unfortunately sustained a neck injury playing football and since recovering has concentrated on running, leading to Sunday’s result.

A mere six seconds behind was Judy Ray – her best result for some time – with Vicki Knapman, another young gun in the Club, finishing third after backing up from completing last week’s marathon.

The fastest time for the men was recorded by Tom Murton with Lyn Saint-John the fastest woman.

Earlier the nominated winners were Lucy Van Rooyen, Brian Paine, Kasia Taylor, Leykas Taylor and Indra Taylor.



Burnie: The Wilkinson Pharmacy 6km

The next race in the PCCCT season is another of the popular off-road trail runs when members will meet at Fernglade for The Wilkinson’s Pharmacy six kilometre handicap.

The course starts at the Pony Club grounds and consists of a circuit in Fernglade followed by another in the vicinity of the grounds.

With all the wet weather of recent days, there are sure to be many muddy, slippery patches to test the sure-footedness of competitors.

It will be interesting to see how those who completed the marathon last Sunday back up for this shorter event. A runner who didn’t run last week and who looks perfectly suited here is Isaac Troughton.

Very capable over all distances, Troughton particularly enjoys off-road conditions and the hills will also be to his liking. He has several placings this year, the latest  being at Penguin over similar terrain when he was a very close second. In addition, he was third in this race last year.

Young runners, Josh Febey and Andrew Bates, also look well suited and wins for both are overdue. Febey in particular has had several placings and a win would be well deserved.

Other chances look to be Hayden Bishop, Amie Bramich and Anna Murton. If there is to be surprise, it could come from Michelle d’Monte or Ellen Elphinstone.

Entries will close at the normal time of 9:30, with the race starting at 10:00.

A nominated time event will be conducted at 9:05.

Races 12 and 12(a): The Greg and Dianne Woodhouse Marathon 42.195km and Rod and Judith Priestly 5km at Ulverstone

Lorraine ShepheardKarina Mason

The longest race of the PCCCT season is a full marathon, the Greg and Dianne Woodhouse 42.195 kilometre handicap. The course takes competitors from River Park at Ulverstone to the end of the Esplanade at Turners Beach and return, twice.

Perfect weather greeted competitors in the 2019 version which was run last Sunday.

A smallish but quality field faced the starter, with all but three completing the gruelling event. The winner was Karina Mason who had set herself for this race by increasing her training over the last month following a two week overseas trip which freshened her legs.

Already a duel winner of the PCCCT half-marathon, Mason was delighted to add this event to her list of wins, it being her eighth marathon overall.

The gallant Matthew Atkins had to be content with second after also running second two years ago. Next to finish were Hobart runner, Michelle Chopping, Shane Hanson and Chris Talbot. For Talbot, this was his forty-second completed marathon. Atkins and Chopping had the fastest male and female times

For those wanting an easier run, the Rod and Judith Priestly five kilometre handicap was conducted. Somerset runner, Lorraine Shepheard, finally broke through for a win after four years with the club, with Hayden Bishop and Simon Gates filling the placings. Bishop tied with Ben Saint-John for fastest male while Lyn Saint-John was fastest female.

Earlier the nominated time winners were Tom Winkel, Alicia Bramich, Ashley Fehlberg and Brian Paine.

Ulverstone: The Greg and Dianne Woodhouse Marathon 42.195km and Rod and Judith Priestly 5km

The PCCCT marathon is the longest-running continuously conducted marathon in Australia and the 2019 version will be held this Sunday. It is also unique in that it is a handicapped race.

The Greg and Dianne Woodhouse marathon runs from River Park, Ulverstone to Turners Beach and back twice and is a wonderful test of fitness and character.

Entries have closed, and a small, but quality field will start the event with almost every runner in with a chance of victory. The go-marker, Hobart runner Wendy Meadowcroft, will set off at 7:00am with Kyle Groenewege last to leave 1 hour 45 minutes later.

Second backmarker, Matthew Atkins, looks one of the strongest chances. He specialises at this distance and in the last two runnings of this event he has been second and fifth. He would be a very deserving winner.

Chris Talbot and Shane Hansen are others who can run all day while Karina Mason has been in great form and will have set herself for this event. She will have exactly an hour start on Atkins.

Teresa Seaman and Michelle Chopping are also coming from Hobart for the race so must be respected.

The Rod and Judith Priestly five kilometre handicap will be run at 10:30 for those not attempting the marathon. Entries for this will close at 10:00. The winner of this race could come from an in-form group of woman runners – Liz Murton, Lorraine Shepheard, Judy Ray and Michelle d’Monte.

 A nominated time event will be held at 9:45.

Marathon handicaps:

Wendy Meadowcroft               00:00
Karina Mason.                        37:00
Gerard Leary.                         37:00
Christopher Talbot.                 37.00
Kelly Baxter.                           43:00
Vicky Knapman.                     55.00
Shane Hanson.                   1:12:00
Paul Birch.                          1:12:00
Teresa Seaman.                 1:12:00
Michelle Chopping.            1:12:00
Ethan Butler.                      1: 20:00
Daniel Summers.               1: 20:00
Matthew Atkins.                 1:37:00                                                                                      Kyle Groenewege.             1:45:00


Race 11: The WT House Betta Home Living “Steve Hanson Memorial” “Ace of the Green Hills at Stanley

Andrew Rolls

Race eleven of the PCCCT season, the W T House Betta Home Living “Steve Hanson Memorial”, was conducted over an eight kilometre circuit course in Stanley.

The race, also known as “The Ace of the Green Hills” was well-attended and proved very competitive as members looked for a solid hit-out before next week’s marathon.

After seconds in the previous two races, Wynyard runner, Andrew Rolls, showed his love for the course winning this event for the second time, his previous victory coming in 2015. It was his third win overall with the Club. Although Rolls first ran with the Club in 1999, lower leg injuries have restricted him to less than a hundred Club starts in that time.

However, those injuries led to him doing a lot of bike-riding, which in turn led him into triathlons. Such has been his success in that sport that in August he’s heading to Lausanne, Switzerland, to compete in the world age-group championships.

Close behind, filling the placings, were frontmarkers, Karina Mason and Lorraine Shepherd while David Murton, Josh Febey and Amie Bramich continued their strong seasons, Bramich also running the fastest of the women (31:03).

Other eye-catching performances were recorded by Tim Dowling, Vicki Knapman and Anna Murton.

The fastest man was Thomas Murton, recording an excellent 25:39.

Earlier the nominated time winners were James Frankcombe, Robyn Luttrell, Mitchell Elphinstone, Maya Bramich and Chloe Bates.

Race11 Stanley8kmLinePosition

Race11 Stanley8kmFastest

Stanley: The WT House Betta Home Living “Steve Hanson Memorial” “Ace of the Greenhills” 8km

The PCCCT heads to Stanley this week for the WT House Betta Home Living “Steve Hanson Memorial” eight kilometre handicap, another of the club’s “blue ribbon events”.

The course has a short testing hill early on but then competitors are rewarded with a great run along the Green Hills before descending with views of The Nut followed by travelling along the main street before returning to the start at the Stanley Oval.

As for every race recently, there are many runners who could easily break the tape, but one of the stronger chances looks to be Dallas van Rooyen who should start this race with fresh legs.

Van Rooyen’s last PCCCT start saw him just outside “the ten” at Wynyard, but the best pointer to his chances is his strong finish into third over a tough course at Penguin early in May. He also had some promising runs earlier in the year and this distance and course look perfect for him

Several runners have been consistently in “the ten” and will be top chances. Andrew Rolls has had a string of placings while Josh Febey has looked a coming winner all season. Karina Mason and Amie Bramich, both very improved runners, weren’t far away at Devonport in the last race and would not surprise.

The event starts at the later time of 10:30 with entries closing at 10:00. New runners are welcome.

 A nominated time event will be held at 9:45.

Runners are reminded that entries close this Sunday for the following week’s Marathon.

Race 10: The Physiotas/Meercroft Crew “City of Devonport” 10km

Ros small

Victory in the Physiotas/Meercroft Crew 10 km “City of Devonport” handicap is much sought after by members and a strongly competitive field faced the starter for the race on Sunday.

This year’s winner, Spreyton runner Roselyn Hendriks, had been close to breaking through for some time and was thrilled to do so in this race.

Commencing with the Club three years ago, Hendriks has made constant improvement to the extent that she won running a personal best time for 10 km.

While very pleased, she didn’t expect to win and, in fact, wore older, heavier running shoes that she wouldn’t mind getting dirty if the bush sections were muddy.

It made no difference, however, as she finished 71 seconds in front of race favourite Andrew Rolls with David Murton in third, followed by Karina Mason and Amie Bramich.

Other promising performances were handed in by Hayden Bishop, Josh Febey and Anna Murton, while Lorraine Shepheard rounded out “the ten”.

The Club 10 km championships were conducted based on fastest times in the race. For the women, Amie Bramich took it out from Natasha Mapley and Sarah-Jane Tregenza, while Thomas Murton, who finished seventh in the race, won the men’s championship from Brian Lyons and Brad Taylor.

Earlier the nominated time winners were Kasia Taylor, Indra Taylor, Mitchell Elphinstone, and Maya Bramich.

Members are reminded that here will be no race next week and the next event is at Stanley on June 9th.

Full details at www.pccct.org.

Race10 Devonport10kmLinePosition

Race10 Devonport10kmFastest

Devonport: The Physiotas/Meercroft Crew “City of Devonport” 10 km

The next “blue-ribbon” event in the PCCCT season is to be held this Sunday.

It is the Physiotas/Meercroft Crew City of Devonport 10 kilometre handicap which starts at Devonport’s Bluff Beach and uses the foreshore path and tracks in the Don Reserve.

Wins in this event are much sought after due to its history and prestige and it will be hotly contested, especially given the increased prizemoney this year.

The Meercroft Crew, a joint sponsor, is a group of runners meet for training at Meercroft Park and run with the Club. No doubt one of them would love to win and Bryan Tuit, Evan Brett and Haydon Bishop will be three of the strong chances. Bishop, in particular, has been in sparkling form.

However, the favourite for the race should be the very fit, Andrew Rolls, who has had several placings this year without breaking through. He was an excellent third in the Mountain Classic two weeks ago before a narrow defeat into second last week at Wynyard. Everything looks suitable for him on Sunday.

Other hopes look to be Dallas van Rooyen, Anna Murton and Lyn Saint-John while a strong effort from Michael Bates would not surprise.

If there was to be a surprise winner, it could be Richard Lawson who is improving with each run.

The event starts at 10:00 with nominations closing at 9:30. New runners are always welcome.

 Nominated time events will be held at 9:05.